Pokemon Easter Egg Hunt

Some people don’t like the mess of making their own easter eggs and that’s ok. For the Pokemon fans that felt left out in our last post, we have found a less messy way for you to celebrate Easter.  These Easter eggs are made entirely of plastic and come pre-colored for easy display. On top of that, they come stuffed with Pokemon Figures inside.

If you’ve been looking for a great way to have an Easter Egg hunt then these will make your day. The eggs come in packs of 24 for only $9.99 and can easily make a child (or Adults day.) For extra fun, you could even mix in other types of Easter Eggs with just candy in them or have a competition to see who finds the most Poke Eggs. These are also a great addition for any Easter Basket!

If you want to bring Pokemon to your Easter Egg Hunt click here to have them shipped from Amazon now!

Decorate Your Eggs With Pokemon

Spring is upon us and with it come a flurry of changes to the weather including warmer sunnier days. This is also the time of year where most families start to prepare fir a visit from a furry friend barring gifts called the Easter Bunny. While this bunny may not be too savvy with the Pokemon world himself we here at Pokefind have you covered for some holiday joy with your new friends from Alola.

If your like most people you have probably dyed a few eggs in your life and got bored as you got older of the same old flower stickers. Now you don’t have to worry about having the same eggs as all of your eggs because Amazon is selling Pokemon egg kits. These kits come complete with the new Alolan starters as well as series favorites like Pikachu and Greninja. The kit even comes with it’s on dipper and 6 egg stands to display your creations in.

This set will run you around $10 USD and come packed with cuteness. It’s officially licensed and shipped by Amazon.com. If you’d like to see the official listing click here.

“I Choose You!” Pokemon Movie Trailer

After a few months waiting for more details on the 20th Pokemon movie we finally have a trailer showcasing some additional scenes. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Tv series and they are celebrating by remaking the beginning of Ash and Pikachu’s adventure. Pokemon I Choose You! will even feature Ho-oh who is still missing a film of his own in the franchise!

The trailer above is drawn in a new art form and shows classic scenes from the first few episodes of the anime. This even includes Pikachu being dragged on a string and refusing to obey Ash in any way. While we aren’t entirely sure what all the movie will cover or if we will see a follow-up film this will surely be a treat for those of us who grew up watching the show.

Are you planning to see the movie when it comes stateside? Did you watch the original Pokemon anime as a kid? Let us know your thoughts on the reboot below!

Story of Season Available for 3DS

The Harvest Moon series may go under a new name, but it’s the same old farming sim we know in love. Trio of towns is the newest game in the series and focuses on players getting to know three different towns with their on cultures. New to the game is your chance to own a capybara as pets along with new bachelors and bachelorettes to marry.

Each town features it’s on regional crops, also animals, and flavors causing players to interact with each town in order open all of their options. Customization also back giving you the freedom to have some control over your farmers look. The game released in Febuary and will run you around 39.99 Usd from all major retailers.

For more great games and Poke find stay tuned to Pokefind. Also, don’t forget to check out other great titles in the Harvest Moon series like the first Story of Seasons and Skytree Village!

Buy it now from Amazon!

Pokemon Go Sports Tops For Women

If you’re a lady who gets just as into gaming as your male counterparts you may be a little sad at the merch that comes our way. While no one minds comfy sleep shirts or a big t-shirt every once in a while some products made just for girls is nice to have.  Pokemon is a brand that is generally pretty fair in including both genders thanks to that we have some pretty sweet choices in what we wear.

Thanks to this we can buy these adorable Pokemon Go sports tops off of Amazon. They are comfortable great to work out or catch Pokemon in and will look great with a pair of shirts. They come in 6 different designs including Jigglypuff, the three gen 1 starters, Pikachu, and a Pokeball design. The tops all cost around $7 to $8 Usd and are one size fits all with measurements listed in the description.

What do you think of these adorable tops? Would you wear them to do your Poke hunting in?



Gamestop Taking Reserves For The Nintendo Switch

If you missed your first chance to get the Nintendo Switch we may just have an opportunity for you. Gamestop’s are taking order for The Nintendo Switch in bundle form online and in store that will be delivered by Easter. The bundle cost is $599 and come with games and accessories to start you off right.

The $599 bundle includes : Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con Console, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass*, Snipperclips*, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock, Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover, SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with Adapter, and Power Kit AC-Adapter for Switch.

This bundle contains everything you need to start your Switch career off right including Breath of The Wild.  If your interested in getting one we do think you should hurry as things like this tend to sell out pretty fast when they pop up!

A Team Skull Dressed Pikachu Now Exists!

If you’re a fan of the newest legion of Pokemon bad guys then this Pikachu is for you. He wears the iconic Team Skull grunt outfit complete with Bandana, shoes, and necklace. The only thing that could make him better is the official theme song.


If you’re still more of a classic Pokemon lover there is also a Pikachu dressed in Team Rockets grunt outfit that even comes complete with a confident smug on his face.  You also have to admit Pikachu is even cuter when wearing gloves!

If those two weren’t enough then check out this Pikachu coming straight from the latest remakes in the series Ruby and Sapphire! This Pikachu is dressed from head to toe in Team Magma’s gear and even comes posed to perfection. All of these Pikachu’s are Pokemon Center Japan exclusives and will range you between $20 to $40 USD.

Alolan Marowak For Sale Through Amazon!

Just when you thought you were done buying Pokemon merchandise for your room along comes this plush from Amazon. Alolan Marowak is here for you to cuddle at night or put up in your collection. He is a Pokemon Center exclusive and comes straight from Japan to your door.

Marowak measures 22.5 × 19 × 15 and will run you around $30 if bought through Amazon. There is also a version available with prime shipping that comes from Amazon itself. It will run you a few dollars more, but a card will be included with your plush!

There are a few other Alolan plushes currently out, but we have yet to see a full line for purchase. Be sure to stay tuned with us for more Pokemon news and collectibles you can add to your collection!

Pokemon Go Plus Now in Stock at The Pokemon Center

If your like most of us you may not have had the chance to grab the Pokemon Go Plus watch when it first came out. Due to limited stock and an almost surprise release the device went into rare territory almost instantly only available for high prices online. To remedy this there has been a steady stream of Plus in the past few months.

Now however, you can purchase the device directly from the official online Pokemon Center in the U.S. The device is available for purchase at the click of a button and for it’s original price. On top of that you could even add in the Bulbasaur plush you may have been eyeing for a bit.

If your more of a in-store shopper then keep checking your local electronics dealers each week as more are shipped out. With recent updates Go interest has re-sparked and merchandise will be easier to find than ever!

The Nintendo Switch Launch is Going Amazing

As most of you have probably heard Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch launched last week. With a limited supply and pre-orders that only lasted a few days many worried about how the consoles sales would go. This of course was only heightened by the launch titles being only 5 games 2 of which that where available on the Wii U consoles as well.

To everyone’s surprise however interest in the Nintendo Switch kept growing and it has sold wonderfully during launch. The console is currently sold out everywhere in the United States other than a few select bundles on Gamestop.com. The flagship game Zelda: Breath of The Wild also has turned out to be one of the highest scored games in video game history.

The consoles sales goals where also staggering as stated by Nintendo and Zelda broke the record for most copies sold of a stand alone launch game. On top of that Nintendo is gearing up to launch the Splatoon 2 test fire this month which will create a very interesting online community.