Pokemon Easter Egg Hunt

Some people don’t like the mess of making their own easter eggs and that’s ok. For the Pokemon fans that felt left out in our last post, we have found a less messy way for you to celebrate Easter.  These Easter eggs are made entirely of plastic and come pre-colored for easy display. On top of that, they come stuffed with Pokemon Figures inside.

If you’ve been looking for a great way to have an Easter Egg hunt then these will make your day. The eggs come in packs of 24 for only $9.99 and can easily make a child (or Adults day.) For extra fun, you could even mix in other types of Easter Eggs with just candy in them or have a competition to see who finds the most Poke Eggs. These are also a great addition for any Easter Basket!

If you want to bring Pokemon to your Easter Egg Hunt click here to have them shipped from Amazon now!