The Pokemon Center Just Launched an Easter Egg Collection

We know we’ve been posting a lot of holiday related stuff lately. But, the official Pokemon store just launched a collection of egg themed goodies for you to pick up. All of the items below are officially licensed and ready to ship out now. So, what are you waiting for take a look below.

First up we have these 2 Pokemon cushions of Pikachu and Eevee. These fan favorites are 17 x 14 x 6.5 inches and are made of stretchy materials. These two will look great together on your couch and are sure to bring any guest you have over lots of joy. Be warned though they are a little pricey at $29.99 USD each!


Next up, we have a shirt with the Eevee and Pikachu eggs featured on the front. The T-shirt come in a crew neck design and is mostly in men’s sizes. The sizes go up to 4Xl and the shirt will run you about$24.95 USD.

Lastly, we have an adorable pin set that includes several different Pokemon in egg form. The set includes Pikachu, Eevee, Piplup, and Chansey for you to bring home. The set will cost you $24.99 USD.

These sets are exclusives that our only going to be out for a limited time . Be sure to go ahead and get your order in now!



Last Minute Pokemon Plushies For Easter

If you are like some of us then last month might have just slipped you by. Now it’s the first day of April and you have no clue how to pull off a cute Easter basket for your girlfriend or kids. Fear not thought as we have found cute set of Pokemon plushies to stuff into any size basket. These chibi versions of everyone’s favorite Pokemon are sure to please this holiday!

The set includes the classic gen 1 starters as well as a Pikachu. The set is available with Prime shipping to get your package to you as fast as you need it for cheap.  The set will run you around $16 USD . Each plush will be around 5 inches tall.

Pokemon Easter Egg Hunt

Some people don’t like the mess of making their own easter eggs and that’s ok. For the Pokemon fans that felt left out in our last post, we have found a less messy way for you to celebrate Easter.  These Easter eggs are made entirely of plastic and come pre-colored for easy display. On top of that, they come stuffed with Pokemon Figures inside.

If you’ve been looking for a great way to have an Easter Egg hunt then these will make your day. The eggs come in packs of 24 for only $9.99 and can easily make a child (or Adults day.) For extra fun, you could even mix in other types of Easter Eggs with just candy in them or have a competition to see who finds the most Poke Eggs. These are also a great addition for any Easter Basket!

If you want to bring Pokemon to your Easter Egg Hunt click here to have them shipped from Amazon now!

Decorate Your Eggs With Pokemon

Spring is upon us and with it come a flurry of changes to the weather including warmer sunnier days. This is also the time of year where most families start to prepare fir a visit from a furry friend barring gifts called the Easter Bunny. While this bunny may not be too savvy with the Pokemon world himself we here at Pokefind have you covered for some holiday joy with your new friends from Alola.

If your like most people you have probably dyed a few eggs in your life and got bored as you got older of the same old flower stickers. Now you don’t have to worry about having the same eggs as all of your eggs because Amazon is selling Pokemon egg kits. These kits come complete with the new Alolan starters as well as series favorites like Pikachu and Greninja. The kit even comes with it’s on dipper and 6 egg stands to display your creations in.

This set will run you around $10 USD and come packed with cuteness. It’s officially licensed and shipped by If you’d like to see the official listing click here.