Gamestop Taking Reserves For The Nintendo Switch

If you missed your first chance to get the Nintendo Switch we may just have an opportunity for you. Gamestop’s are taking order for The Nintendo Switch in bundle form online and in store that will be delivered by Easter. The bundle cost is $599 and come with games and accessories to start you off right.

The $599 bundle includes : Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con Console, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass*, Snipperclips*, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock, Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover, SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with Adapter, and Power Kit AC-Adapter for Switch.

This bundle contains everything you need to start your Switch career off right including Breath of The Wild.  If your interested in getting one we do think you should hurry as things like this tend to sell out pretty fast when they pop up!

The Nintendo Switch Launch is Going Amazing

As most of you have probably heard Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch launched last week. With a limited supply and pre-orders that only lasted a few days many worried about how the consoles sales would go. This of course was only heightened by the launch titles being only 5 games 2 of which that where available on the Wii U consoles as well.

To everyone’s surprise however interest in the Nintendo Switch kept growing and it has sold wonderfully during launch. The console is currently sold out everywhere in the United States other than a few select bundles on The flagship game Zelda: Breath of The Wild also has turned out to be one of the highest scored games in video game history.

The consoles sales goals where also staggering as stated by Nintendo and Zelda broke the record for most copies sold of a stand alone launch game. On top of that Nintendo is gearing up to launch the Splatoon 2 test fire this month which will create a very interesting online community.

Fire Emblem Direct

Earlier this afternoon Nintendo treated us all to even more information about upcoming releases, this time centered around the Fire Emblem series.

The first news came in the form of an announcement for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which is a  3DS remake of the second game in the series, Fire Emblem Gaiden. Echoes is set to launch May 19, 2017 and amiibo of the games two main characters will launch the same day as a 2-pack. Second, Nintendo announced that a mainline Fire Emblem will be returning to home consoles for the first time since Radiant Dawn on the Wii, the Nintendo Switch title is in the works and planned for a 2018 release and no other information was shown. After that, the teaser for Fire Emblem Warriors from the Switch conference was shown with some additional footage. The game was confirmed for a Fall 2017 release and will also be launching on the New 3DS at the same time. The game was also confirmed to be in the hands of the same team behind Hyrule Warriors. Finally, a mobile game by the name of Fire Emblem Heroes was announced that will focus on strategic gameplay and includes characters from all across the series. Heroes will be available on Google Play store February 2, with no date slated for iOS but will be available in the future for Apple products.

So, four  Fire Emblem games were in the spotlight today. Android users will be able to play Heroes next month, followed by Echoes’ release in May, Warriors will hit during Fall, and finally next year we’ll be treated to a full mainline game on the Switch. There is a lot of excitement in the Fire Emblem community, and rightfully so. Nintendo showed off some great material and have created even more excitement for the Switch console.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The upcoming entry in the iconic Legend of Zelda series has gone through a long development process, but we are finally nearing the release date and getting the final pieces of pre-launch information for Breath of the Wild. The recent Nintendo Switch conference confirmed that Breath of the Wild as a launch title for the Switch that’s hitting stores March 3rd. This is a great time for fans as there is now enough information to make educated guesses about upcoming features and story points, but little enough that the mystery is still lingering in the air.

Breath of the Wild is an open-world Legend of Zelda title that will provide various items and equipment designed to help you travel what seems to be the ruins of the former Hyrule kingdom. Link now has to use different armors and clothes for various climates, weapons and armor break and players will be able to cook food and make discoveries completely disconnected from the main story of the game. The recent conference also provided new information about the story, and we were treated to scenes of Gorons, Zoras, and Ritto showing a wide variety of friendly faces in the open world. We also finally saw the new design for Zelda herself, and found the game will feature full voice acting in a first for the series. This has generated a huge amount of excitement as fans loved what they saw of the epic story unfolding in Breath of the Wild. This entry is also bringing several changes to the classic formula including the removal of Link’s iconic green tunic and hat and there will be no barriers keeping players from trying to go straight into dungeons intended for the closing chapters of the gameplay.

When the Switch releases in March it is highly likely that a large majority of those picking up the console will be taking home Breath of the Wild as well. It was also confirmed to release on Wii U the same day. After the delays, several teasers, and years of development it’s finally time for the next entry in one of the most well known series to entertain us and draw us all back into the beautiful world that is the Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo Switch Pre-orders Launch

It was a huge night last night for the gaming world as Nintendo unveiled features about their newest console. While we didn’t get any Pokemon news quite yet we can see the franchise entering onto the console very soon. The Switch is set to come out March 3 and is slated to cost $299.99 USD.

The console is a home and handheld hybrid that can switch between modes using a dock that connects to your Tv. If the Switch is on the Dock it’s like any home console but, if it’s taken off it becomes a mobile TV or handheld that you can take with you on the go. The Switch will feature app integration and a new online service from Nintendo that will be a paid platform much like it’s competitors.

As for games, we saw lots of fan favorites making a comeback. A new Mario game was announced that is made by the creator of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. We are getting a sequel to Xenoblade and a new Bomberman game. On top of that the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, was given the same release date as the console and for the first time ever has full voice acting.

What do you think are you excited to own Nintendo’s newest home console?