Cute Pokemon Mugs Available From GearBest!

Poke Ball Cup

Our friends over at GearBest our hosting a sale with a few cool Pokemon products involved. Up above we have a Pokemon coffee cup that is on sale for $7.57 USD. It’s made of ceramic and glazed over to give it a beautiful finish. It will make a great edition to your room or your morning routine.

Pikachu 9 Inch Plush Doll

Next, They have put this adorable costumed Pikachu on sale. He is cos playing a Mega-Charizard and have a slightly ferocious look on his face. He is currently on sale for the low price of 6.26 USD.

XING TING Animation 5 inch Pokemon Q Version Eevee Action Figure Doll

Lastly, We have this adorable Eevee plush on sale. He’s a little small than the rest of our items on our list, but makes up for it with his cuddly design. He is currently on sale for $2.44 USD.

If you like any of these items you see we recommend you take a look around GearBest they are a dependable seller and having amazing deals on about everything in the shop!


Pokemon Go Sports Tops For Women

If you’re a lady who gets just as into gaming as your male counterparts you may be a little sad at the merch that comes our way. While no one minds comfy sleep shirts or a big t-shirt every once in a while some products made just for girls is nice to have.  Pokemon is a brand that is generally pretty fair in including both genders thanks to that we have some pretty sweet choices in what we wear.

Thanks to this we can buy these adorable Pokemon Go sports tops off of Amazon. They are comfortable great to work out or catch Pokemon in and will look great with a pair of shirts. They come in 6 different designs including Jigglypuff, the three gen 1 starters, Pikachu, and a Pokeball design. The tops all cost around $7 to $8 Usd and are one size fits all with measurements listed in the description.

What do you think of these adorable tops? Would you wear them to do your Poke hunting in?



Gamestop Taking Reserves For The Nintendo Switch

If you missed your first chance to get the Nintendo Switch we may just have an opportunity for you. Gamestop’s are taking order for The Nintendo Switch in bundle form online and in store that will be delivered by Easter. The bundle cost is $599 and come with games and accessories to start you off right.

The $599 bundle includes : Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con Console, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass*, Snipperclips*, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock, Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover, SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with Adapter, and Power Kit AC-Adapter for Switch.

This bundle contains everything you need to start your Switch career off right including Breath of The Wild.  If your interested in getting one we do think you should hurry as things like this tend to sell out pretty fast when they pop up!

A Team Skull Dressed Pikachu Now Exists!

If you’re a fan of the newest legion of Pokemon bad guys then this Pikachu is for you. He wears the iconic Team Skull grunt outfit complete with Bandana, shoes, and necklace. The only thing that could make him better is the official theme song.


If you’re still more of a classic Pokemon lover there is also a Pikachu dressed in Team Rockets grunt outfit that even comes complete with a confident smug on his face.  You also have to admit Pikachu is even cuter when wearing gloves!

If those two weren’t enough then check out this Pikachu coming straight from the latest remakes in the series Ruby and Sapphire! This Pikachu is dressed from head to toe in Team Magma’s gear and even comes posed to perfection. All of these Pikachu’s are Pokemon Center Japan exclusives and will range you between $20 to $40 USD.

Pokemon Go Plus Now in Stock at The Pokemon Center

If your like most of us you may not have had the chance to grab the Pokemon Go Plus watch when it first came out. Due to limited stock and an almost surprise release the device went into rare territory almost instantly only available for high prices online. To remedy this there has been a steady stream of Plus in the past few months.

Now however, you can purchase the device directly from the official online Pokemon Center in the U.S. The device is available for purchase at the click of a button and for it’s original price. On top of that you could even add in the Bulbasaur plush you may have been eyeing for a bit.

If your more of a in-store shopper then keep checking your local electronics dealers each week as more are shipped out. With recent updates Go interest has re-sparked and merchandise will be easier to find than ever!

Perfect Time to Get a Wii U

The Wii U’s production has officially come to a halt across the globe. as the Nintendo Switch moves towards its release date. This has stabilized the price of the Wii U and games to around $215 USD for lightly used consoles Of course if you wanted to go cheaper the basic edition of the Wii U is even cheaper.

So, why invest now other than the cheaper price you ask? Well, Nintendo games are known for becoming less than fun to find and being pricey. Right now you can just walk to your local Gamestop and pick up almost any Wii U title easily and for a fair price. On top of that most pre-owned copies are in pretty great condition and easy to find if you want to go a cheaper route with game buying.

On top of that, the library for the Wii U is pretty much complete with the next major launch being Breath of The Wild.  This is the perfect time to play through your Nintendo wishlist for a smaller price point. On top of that who secretly doesn’t like buying new consoles!?


Pokemon Center Valentines Day Line

With Valentines Day right around the corner, most stores have already filled their shelves with the traditional candy and plush assortments you always see around this time of year. For non-traditional stores, though, there are quite a few unique items to give to your sweetheart this year. The Pokemon Center has taken note of this and released an exclusive line of Valentine’s goodies for you to mail to your partner V.I.A Delibird express.

Slowpoke Valentine’s Shirt

Valentine’s Pin Set 5-Pack

Umbreon and Espeon Pokémon Valentine’s Mug

Pokémon Hearts Note Card Set

Image for Pokémon Hearts Note Card Set (12 Cards with Seals and Envelopes) from Pokemon Center

This is a smaller set than most with only four items total, but they are all equally fitting and adorable. The prices range between $17.50 USD and $24.95 USD not including shipping from the store. It’s also worth mentioning that you can find a plush version of a large variety of Pokemon from the store as well, just in case you need a little extra with your gift. While there are no official Pokemon chocolates here in the states yet hopefully these cute designs will make up for that. Slowpoke will hopefully catch up with the rest of us by the next holiday!

Pokemon Hoodies to keep you warm

With 2017 finally here we have a few more months of cold weather ahead and the possibility of snow is reaching it’s highest in most places. So, what better way to combat the cold than with some awesome Pokemon hoodies to keep you toasty until Spring rolls around?

Shiny Umbreon Hoodie

Umbreon is a hugely popular eeveelution that hasn’t seen a lot of love lately. Fortunately for fans of the classic Dark type Pokemon, this hoodie has a gorgeous image of a Shiny version of Umbreon adorning it. The electric blue of shiny Umbreon mixed with a night sky and a reflection in rippling water is absolutely breathtaking, and on top of being great art, it will keep you warm.

Kyogre and Groudon Hoodie

Kyogre and Groudon were some of the first legendaries to really take center stage during their respective generations main story and this made them extremely memorable. This hoodie celebrates them in their Primal forms with some official artwork that looks great and is instantly recognizable to any fan of the series. There is also a bonus Pikachu waving to anyone looking at getting their kids this hoodie!

Generation Six Starters

Pokemon X and Y really revitalized the series for a lot of people and paved the way for this past year of 20th-anniversary goodness. This hoodie sports the starters for the generation, Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin, as well as a Pikachu and the Pokemon logo. kids who enjoyed the last generation of Pokemon games can enjoy a hoodie with some of the most popular starters of the entire series.

Last Minute Shopping Guide

For those of us who are struggling to get our last few gifts under wraps it may seem quite hopeless to find the items we want. If you are needing a few more items to tide you through the holidays then this guide may just save the day. These items come from  Amazon who is guaranteed to ship fast especially when working with Prime members.

Pokemon Adventures Box Sets: Pokemon Adventures is a manga adaptation of the story of the Pokemon world. It doesn’t include Ash Ketchum, but instead, begins with the famous Red and each box set includes the full story from each generation of the Pokemon games. It is also a continuous story through each set so there is a lot of content for future gifts as well!

Pikachu 3DS Protector: For any owner of a 3DS XL this protector case will be a great gift to stylize and protect their 3DS. The case is a golden outline of Pikachu so the original color of the 3DS will still shine through, so it’s a great pick for those who chose a special edition 3DS that may have an image they still want to shine through their case!

Pokemon 3DS Travel Case: Aside from a 3DS protector, any 3DS owner with a lot of Pokemon games can always get great use of a travel case. It comes with red and blue cartridge cases, a stylus, screen protectors, screen cleaner, and the case itself which can hold a 3DS XL and several games as well!


So those are just a few ideas for a Pokemon or Nintendo fan in your life. If you’re interested in something similar but not quite Pokemon themed, there are lots of great accessories for the 3DS as well as a lot of great new models and games available. Hopefully this list helps you find exactly what you’re looking for to finish off that gift checklist this year. Happy Holidays!


3DS’s Selling Out Across The Nation

If you’ve recently been out trying gather up some gifts for family and friends you may have noticed that some consoles have been harder to find this year. Among these are the Nes Classic, which has been one of the hottest selling items of this year. Another the 2Ds which is a great option to the 3DS for younger children. Now, however, the 3DS, as well as the Wii U, have started to disappear from retailers across the nation.

The 3DS became a hot item due to the release of the new Pokemon games, and the console obtaining several Wii U ports of popular games such as Hyrule Warriors. Generally, stores don’t move many so the demand became quite a shock after Sun and Moon’s launch. Now with less than a week to go before one of the biggest holidays of the year it’s almost impossible to get one in stores.

If you’re like most of us and just really want to get the shopping over with there is still a few options to go with.  The 2Ds is available used on Amazon for a little over $100. While older model 3DS’s are still available for around 139 used. While this might not be completely ideal used products are generally sold in good condition and overall it’s pretty hard to mess up a DS without a substantial amount of abuse.

What hot holiday items are you still searching for?