Pokemon Blankets To Keep You Warm At Night

It’s officially starting to get a lot more chilly in the states as we fully head into the winter season. Which means more time huddled up in the house and less time spent outdoors. While this is a great time to catch up on Pokemon Sun and Moon or maybe even go on a transfer spree on Go why not look into adding some extra Pokemon goodness into your daily routine to keep you warm?

Pokemon Group Blanket

Pikachu and Eevee Blanket

Pokeball Throw

All three of these blankets can be purchased for less than $20 USD from Amazon and range around 60 inches in length. They will cover any adult or look great on a twin sized bed for your kid.  Like most decorative blankets they have a soft fleece feel and are great to use on a cold night.

Pokemon Noodles To Warm You Up This Season

We know that things have started to get a little more than chilly outside this month. Parts of the southern half of America are currently covered in snow and others are rushing to work in full cold resistant attire. To help out with the weather we wanted to introduce a fun Pokemon product for you and your family to enjoy. Complete with cute packaging that anyone is sure to love.

In Japan, you usually can find a wide variety of character themed foods like candy and gummies. Luckily for us Pokemon lovers, they also have some variations of soup for us to enjoy. These soups come with noodles and only take 3 minutes a piece to make. They are also a unique treat compared to the cup of noodles we have in America with two unique flavors that you may not have experienced before.

The noodles come in both soy sauce flavor and seafood flavor with real ingredients added in. They can be purchased off of Amazon in a set of 4 for around $20 USD currently.  The noodles themselves are extremely popular overseas and will make a wonderful winter snack for Pokemon fans everywhere.




Pokemon Hoodies to keep you warm

With 2017 finally here we have a few more months of cold weather ahead and the possibility of snow is reaching it’s highest in most places. So, what better way to combat the cold than with some awesome Pokemon hoodies to keep you toasty until Spring rolls around?

Shiny Umbreon Hoodie

Umbreon is a hugely popular eeveelution that hasn’t seen a lot of love lately. Fortunately for fans of the classic Dark type Pokemon, this hoodie has a gorgeous image of a Shiny version of Umbreon adorning it. The electric blue of shiny Umbreon mixed with a night sky and a reflection in rippling water is absolutely breathtaking, and on top of being great art, it will keep you warm.

Kyogre and Groudon Hoodie

Kyogre and Groudon were some of the first legendaries to really take center stage during their respective generations main story and this made them extremely memorable. This hoodie celebrates them in their Primal forms with some official artwork that looks great and is instantly recognizable to any fan of the series. There is also a bonus Pikachu waving to anyone looking at getting their kids this hoodie!

Generation Six Starters

Pokemon X and Y really revitalized the series for a lot of people and paved the way for this past year of 20th-anniversary goodness. This hoodie sports the starters for the generation, Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin, as well as a Pikachu and the Pokemon logo. kids who enjoyed the last generation of Pokemon games can enjoy a hoodie with some of the most popular starters of the entire series.

Last Minute Shopping Guide

For those of us who are struggling to get our last few gifts under wraps it may seem quite hopeless to find the items we want. If you are needing a few more items to tide you through the holidays then this guide may just save the day. These items come from  Amazon who is guaranteed to ship fast especially when working with Prime members.

Pokemon Adventures Box Sets: Pokemon Adventures is a manga adaptation of the story of the Pokemon world. It doesn’t include Ash Ketchum, but instead, begins with the famous Red and each box set includes the full story from each generation of the Pokemon games. It is also a continuous story through each set so there is a lot of content for future gifts as well!

Pikachu 3DS Protector: For any owner of a 3DS XL this protector case will be a great gift to stylize and protect their 3DS. The case is a golden outline of Pikachu so the original color of the 3DS will still shine through, so it’s a great pick for those who chose a special edition 3DS that may have an image they still want to shine through their case!

Pokemon 3DS Travel Case: Aside from a 3DS protector, any 3DS owner with a lot of Pokemon games can always get great use of a travel case. It comes with red and blue cartridge cases, a stylus, screen protectors, screen cleaner, and the case itself which can hold a 3DS XL and several games as well!


So those are just a few ideas for a Pokemon or Nintendo fan in your life. If you’re interested in something similar but not quite Pokemon themed, there are lots of great accessories for the 3DS as well as a lot of great new models and games available. Hopefully this list helps you find exactly what you’re looking for to finish off that gift checklist this year. Happy Holidays!


Pokemon Charity Stream

The holidays are both a time of excitement and stress for most people. This year, however, it seems that some rather successful streamers have decided to pick up the Pokemon series on their twitch channel for their 3-day long charity fundraiser.  The stream is fun to watch, and the channel in question is known for being interactive with their chat.

The streamers are known as “The Speed Gamers” and are playing through all the Pokemon games they can fit into a session. So far, we have seen them go through many different regions including Kanto for the program.  They also have multiple games going on the stream at once and donation goals affect the games progress by causing the streamers to nuzlock or do a completion run.

The charity in question is called Buildon and helps create after school programs for kids across the nation. The stream is broadcast in English and so far collected over $3,000 USD. They are hoping to gain around $10,000 USD by the end and have pledged to extend their stream for 24 hours if the goal is hit.

So, if you’re looking for something to idly watch for the next few days this Pokethon may fit perfectly for you.

Click here to check it out!

New Pokemon Movie Announced for 2017

This has been an exciting year for Pokemon fans around the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon we have seen special game events, TCG releases, plushes, toys, a new generation of Pokemon games and of course Pokemon Go. We just got what may be the last piece of news related to the anniversary’s events, however, a teaser trailer for the new Pokemon movie that will be the 20th in the series.

While this is exciting enough already, some people have started to point out similarities between some teaser information and the original Pokemon Anime. More specifically, a teaser poster features a more cartoony Ash Ketchum in his original outfit from the 90’s staring into the sky as Ho-Oh passes over. Some viewers have also claimed a house in the trailer looks like Ash’s home in Pallet town.

There isn’t a lot of information available just yet, but there is some evidence suggesting the movie may be a reboot. Either way, it’s exciting that this movie will definitely have something for long time fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. What do you think? Is this a reboot or is it a symbolic new journey for Ash and the series?

Pokemon Giving IOS Users Stickers

If you love being up to date on the latest tech, especially iPhones, then this news piece is for you. When IOS 10 rolled out it gave users the ability to use stickers with messages to other IOS users. While these stickers were limited at first users can now purchase packs via the App store. This gives the user a chance to bring a sense of customization to their text messages aside from using emojis.

Luckily for Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Company has jumped in on the fun. Right now you can purchase a pack of pixelated Pokemon sticks from the store. These stickers include Red and Blue style artwork of fan favorites such as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. The stickers also have phrases from the series like “Super Effective.”

The sticker pack can be purchased right now for $1.99 USD.  It was originally released in September as part 1. The Pokemon Company recently announced that part 2 is now on the way to the App store. The next set will feature Pokemon from the Alola region such as the starters.


Charmander Coming to Build-A-Bear


Great news for trainers looking to please their kids or go on a fun date sometime soon. Build-A-Bear has announced that they will be adding Charmander to their line  of buildable cuddle buddies. You can get Charmander by visiting your closest store and paying for the plush or by ordering online.

If you go the online route there is a special bundle that includes a TCG card and Lucario costume set for Charmander. The set is available for sale through Build-A-Bears website and costs $61.00 USD. The plush houses a sound box. The Lucario hoodie will double as a Great Ball hoodie if flipped inside out.

Previously Build-A-Bear had partnered with Pokemon to bring in a Pikachu plush as well as an Eevee. These plushes can be dressed up in fitting clothes like most of the other plushes.

You can check out Charmander here.

Poke Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we have to rush to get our holiday shopping done in between busy scheduling. For the daunting Poke fan, this can be a great time to find some new merch for the wishlist or even use the holiday as an excuse to give games to friends yet to enter the series. Here at Pokes Find we have compiled a short list to help you find the perfect Poke gifts.

Pokemon Decals

Do you love Generation one? Do you love decorating your room to represent your love for video games? Then these Pokemon Decals will be perfect for you. They easily apply to surfaces and only cost around 12$ USD for a whole pack!

Kanto Gym Badges

Become the Pokemon Master you always knew you were with this set of the 8 original gym badges from Kanto. The badges can function as actual pins to be attached to outwear to cosplay with. The badges generally run around $11 USD.

Pikachu LED Light

Light up your room at night with this LED powered Pikachu lamp. The lamp features color changing technology and uses energy saving technology.  The lamp goes for #19.99 USD.

Pokemon Monopoly Johto Edition

For the board game lover in your life why not get the Johto edition of Pokemon Monopoly? It features collectible pieces of the generation 2 starters along with Pikachu and Togepi, plus a Johto centralized game board. You can pick up this piece for around $40 USD.

Pokeball Ocarina

Does the Poke fan in your life love the Legend of Zelda series as well? If so then consider this Pokeball version of the ocarina. This ocarina will only run you around $20 USD.

A Few More Weird Pokedex Entrees

Recently we had a list of five of some of the most stand out Pokedex entries from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Well, we felt that five just wasn’t enough so we grabbed three more to share with you that we felt were some really well-written entries.



Muk got a lot of love for its new Alolan form, but the Pokedex entry leads one to believe Muk may need some help to stick around. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” After recent environmental improvements, this Pokémon is now hardly seen at all. People speculate that it may go extinct at some point. ”

It’s odd to imagine what a nature reserve built to sustain a Muk population would look like, but hopefully the world of Pokemon gets on that soon!



Crabrawler is arguably one of the funnier crab Pokemon designs there are, but according to their Pokedex entries they share a similar fate with Slowpoke. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It punches so much, its pincers often come off from overuse, but they grow back quickly. What little meat they contain is rich and delicious. ”

So basically Crabrawlers run around punching things until their hands fall off, and the hands they leave behind are delicious treats for whoever finds them. Slowpoke tails and Crabrawler claws may make a fantastic soup together.



The Sandcastle Pokemon was initially met with some criticism from fans for being another silly Ghost concept. However, Sandyghast proves to be a rather horrifying addition to the world of Pokemon. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It takes control of anyone who puts a hand in its mouth. And so it adds to the accumulation of its sand-mound body. ”

So its a Pokemon that uses mind slaves to make it grow and eventually evolve into an even more horrifying monster. Maybe laughing at Sandyghast is a bad idea.


So there are three more great Pokedex entries from Sun and Moon. Are there any you liked that we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments below!