Music Update for Android

Niantic has answered the cries of some fans who encountered a previous bug when playing Pokemon Go. Previously, the game stopped any music from other apps from playing while the game was open. The latest update includes a fix for this and allows players to listen to whatever music they choose while playing Pokemon Go.

It’s not a huge change, but for those that were frustrated by the glitch this will definitely be a welcome change. This glitch was also not present on iOS previously so this levels out the experience for Pokemon Go players on both versions of the software.

The update also came with a few other minor fixes for both platforms. Niantic will most likely keep rolling out these types of updates for awhile longer as there are no signs of major updates coming at the moment. While we may not see more Pokemon added for some time, players can rest assured that Niantic will keep pushing out fixes and polishes to keep making Pokemon Go better than ever.

New Pokemon App Releases

The game is based around collecting figures of Pokemon and strategically moving them around a board. You can customize moves in the game and your character. The game gives a pretty well-rounded tutorial that will be easy for most players to follow.  The game is similar in some ways to the Mario Party board games.

The game has you maneuvering around a board to take over the opposing players side. You will have a team of figures that you intact to battle the opposing player and a Pokemon center that will activate for defeated Pokemon. The game is similar to chess and comes with a thorough tutorial to help you get started. Right not connecting is a little slow, but this should improve in the future.

The game is currently available in Europe and North America for both Ios and android devices. A Japanese version has been previously available overseas. The game is free and will likely receive additional updates in the future.


Pokemon Giving IOS Users Stickers

If you love being up to date on the latest tech, especially iPhones, then this news piece is for you. When IOS 10 rolled out it gave users the ability to use stickers with messages to other IOS users. While these stickers were limited at first users can now purchase packs via the App store. This gives the user a chance to bring a sense of customization to their text messages aside from using emojis.

Luckily for Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Company has jumped in on the fun. Right now you can purchase a pack of pixelated Pokemon sticks from the store. These stickers include Red and Blue style artwork of fan favorites such as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. The stickers also have phrases from the series like “Super Effective.”

The sticker pack can be purchased right now for $1.99 USD.  It was originally released in September as part 1. The Pokemon Company recently announced that part 2 is now on the way to the App store. The next set will feature Pokemon from the Alola region such as the starters.