Music Update for Android

Niantic has answered the cries of some fans who encountered a previous bug when playing Pokemon Go. Previously, the game stopped any music from other apps from playing while the game was open. The latest update includes a fix for this and allows players to listen to whatever music they choose while playing Pokemon Go.

It’s not a huge change, but for those that were frustrated by the glitch this will definitely be a welcome change. This glitch was also not present on iOS previously so this levels out the experience for Pokemon Go players on both versions of the software.

The update also came with a few other minor fixes for both platforms. Niantic will most likely keep rolling out these types of updates for awhile longer as there are no signs of major updates coming at the moment. While we may not see more Pokemon added for some time, players can rest assured that Niantic will keep pushing out fixes and polishes to keep making Pokemon Go better than ever.