New Pokemon Movie Announced for 2017

This has been an exciting year for Pokemon fans around the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon we have seen special game events, TCG releases, plushes, toys, a new generation of Pokemon games and of course Pokemon Go. We just got what may be the last piece of news related to the anniversary’s events, however, a teaser trailer for the new Pokemon movie that will be the 20th in the series.

While this is exciting enough already, some people have started to point out similarities between some teaser information and the original Pokemon Anime. More specifically, a teaser poster features a more cartoony Ash Ketchum in his original outfit from the 90’s staring into the sky as Ho-Oh passes over. Some viewers have also claimed a house in the trailer looks like Ash’s home in Pallet town.

There isn’t a lot of information available just yet, but there is some evidence suggesting the movie may be a reboot. Either way, it’s exciting that this movie will definitely have something for long time fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. What do you think? Is this a reboot or is it a symbolic new journey for Ash and the series?