A Few More Weird Pokedex Entrees

Recently we had a list of five of some of the most stand out Pokedex entries from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Well, we felt that five just wasn’t enough so we grabbed three more to share with you that we felt were some really well-written entries.



Muk got a lot of love for its new Alolan form, but the Pokedex entry leads one to believe Muk may need some help to stick around. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” After recent environmental improvements, this Pokémon is now hardly seen at all. People speculate that it may go extinct at some point. ”

It’s odd to imagine what a nature reserve built to sustain a Muk population would look like, but hopefully the world of Pokemon gets on that soon!



Crabrawler is arguably one of the funnier crab Pokemon designs there are, but according to their Pokedex entries they share a similar fate with Slowpoke. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It punches so much, its pincers often come off from overuse, but they grow back quickly. What little meat they contain is rich and delicious. ”

So basically Crabrawlers run around punching things until their hands fall off, and the hands they leave behind are delicious treats for whoever finds them. Slowpoke tails and Crabrawler claws may make a fantastic soup together.



The Sandcastle Pokemon was initially met with some criticism from fans for being another silly Ghost concept. However, Sandyghast proves to be a rather horrifying addition to the world of Pokemon. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It takes control of anyone who puts a hand in its mouth. And so it adds to the accumulation of its sand-mound body. ”

So its a Pokemon that uses mind slaves to make it grow and eventually evolve into an even more horrifying monster. Maybe laughing at Sandyghast is a bad idea.


So there are three more great Pokedex entries from Sun and Moon. Are there any you liked that we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments below!