Get Fashionable With The Pokeglove!

So, you know those boring re-chargeable batteries you get at places like Walmart and Target that are just plain clunky boxes. Wouldn’t you like to have an option that just looked cooler? What if you could use your battery without cords going everywhere or having to carry it in your other hand? Well, the people over at the site PokeGlove have heard your complaints.

The PokeGlove re-chargeable battery is small and compact and fits perfectly inside the glove. Yes, that’s right a glove that you can wear instead of being tangled in cords or having to carry anything! It’s also lightweight and made completely for performance. On top of that they come in team colors Valor Red,Mystic Blue, or Instinct Yellow. So, you can support your team while playing.

The gloves have a small, medium, and large sizing chart. As well as, a glove for left or right handed people to choose from. You also have the choice of buying from their website or  The glove will also let you choose between charging cables for IOS and Android users. The Gloves are made with Amara Lycra, and secured by Forway Velcro wristband.

Overall, the gloves are stylish and give you a convenient way to recharge your phone when you’re low on battery. The price for them is rather inexpensive compared to other specialty batteries and they cater to everyone glove preferences. If you’re interested in getting a PokeGlove then use our code “POKEFIND” to get 10% off your order to their store.