Why you should play Dragon Quest

The Dragon Quest series is a major JRPG series that is often compared to Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest has a similar structure to Final Fantasy in more recent titles, but the first six games in the series were two separate trilogies, after which each game has its own world, story, and characters. The series is actually what lead to the JRPG franchise and has been quoted as some of the inspiration for the Final Fantasy series as Dragon Quest was the first true JRPG originally releasing its first game in 1986 in Japan.

Dragon Quest was known in the US as Dragon Warrior until 2005 due to copyright issues, so be aware of this when searching for older games, although remakes released after 2005 are renamed to Dragon Quest. With this noted, there is one huge reason you should look into some Dragon Quest games, most likely you already love Dragon Quest. How can such a little-known series already have your love you ask? Dragon Quest and its many side games encompassing several genres have inspired and are directly linked to almost every modern JRPG in existence. First the series established ed the classic turn-based combat, directly inspired Final Fantasy, was a pioneer in spinoff games that expanded secondary characters as protagonists of their own stories, started the popular Mystery Dungeon series which Pokémon has a huge side series for, and the artwork is 100% handled by Akira Toriyama the artist of the famous Dragon Ball series. This is just a taste of how much Dragon Quest has affected the gaming world.

As stated previously Dragon Quest has a long series of side games that encompass several different genres.  So if a traditional JRPG isn’t exactly what you’re looking for you can find games in the series to introduce you to the ever-present monsters that the series is recognizable for. One of the largest spinoff series is the Dragon Quest Monsters series. There are a total of 4 unique games in the series as well as Nintendo DS remakes of the first two. This series is all about taming and breeding the monsters of the Dragon Quest world and using them to battle similar to Pokémon. As well as Monsters, there is the most recent spinoff for the PS4 Dragon Quest Heroes, a Dynasty Warriors inspired game that pulls characters from many popular Dragon Quest games to fight together on an epic quest spanning an entire continent. All the games generally have JRPG elements for game mechanics but are built around different concepts and allow for much different gameplay. The spinoffs are also easier to step into as they’re more widely available and cheaper, but they still have a lot of great content to offer.

As for the main series of games they are extremely story focused and usually revolve around a hero building a party to stop a great villain. While the stories are usually much more in depth than this simple concept they drive themselves with unique and memorable characters and settings, and all share monster designs and art styles. They also improve the battle system and graphics with each release, most recently Dragon Quest VII was re-released in a full remake version for Nintendo 3DS in North America, and Dragon Quest XI is currently slated for a 2017 release.

In short, Dragon Quest will have something for almost anyone who loves JRPGs of any sort. It has been a driving force for much of Japan’s gaming industry and is still a major influence in Japan. It’s worth checking out the long list of games from the series to see if any catch your interest.

Harvest Moon, A Great Simulation Game With Rpg twists.

The Harvest Moon franchise has been going since the days of the SNES in 1996. The series revolves around a story where you generally end up inheriting or buying a farm in a town you’re not familiar with. Over the years the game series has immensely improved on features and formula to become a staple of the gaming world.  Harvest moon games have featured everything from story driven tear-jerkers with deep character development to achievement hunting for magical music notes.  The series also has a strong presence on DS consoles and has just about something for everybody looking to get into the series.

First off, we should explain that Harvest Moon has had a name change to Seeds of Memories in the U.S.A. and while there are still Harvest Moon games being made, they aren’t from the mainline series. There was recently a split between the company Xseed who wanted to import the games and Natsume who wanted the name to make spin-off type games. This has triggered a lot of confusion for gamers, but needless to say, while the spin-offs are different, if you happen to pick one up they still have quite a bit of the original formula involved in their gameplay.

Moving on to some of the games you can get for your DS. The most current mainline Harvest Moon game is called “Story of Seasons” and has you growing your farm over a large plot of land, it features the most updated cast of animals, mechanics, and all new characters to the series. The game also is one of the first to feature the long awaited character customization feature of the series. If you’re interested in a less expensive, but equally as fun Harvest Moon game you can purchase “A New Beginning” for about 20$ USD less than “Story of Seasons.”

What can you do in these games, though? In Harvest Moon games you can, of course, grow crops and raise animals on your farm. If you don’t want to make money that way you can scavenge, fish, mine, win festivals, or in some games you can even pick up odd jobs to do. One of the main draws to the series is the marriage system where you woo a potential partner with gifts and by triggering cutscenes eventually win them over. In the story driven games you can complete tasks like milking a cow for the first time to earn achievements that expand the town and pull you closer to finishing the story, see Magical Melody and Sunshine Islands for this type of gameplay.  Other types like Save The Homeland and A Wonderful Life are heavily story driven games where you roleplay the life of your character.

If you are interested in having the newest of the new features in your first Harvest Moon playthrough look into “Trio of Towns” the official cannon line of games next upcoming release. If you don’t want to wait until  February to play then pre-order “Skytree Village” for your 3DS. Skytree village is under the Harvest Moon name and made by Natsume, it will be releasing at the end of this month.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf, A Laid Back Simulation.

If you’ve been having trouble finding a new game to pick up lately, why not pick up Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the newest game in the series for 3Ds and is currently trying to make its way to your mobile  device in 2017 for phone users. The series is lighthearted and can either be played each day or by changing a clock at the menu screen to speed through the year. The series doesn’t have any type of combat in it, and is completely about interacting and building a life in a new town.

Animal Crossing’s main focus is decorating and updating a house you move into on your own. The games always start with you getting off a train to find Tom Nook who gives you a house under the condition you pay him back for it later. Each time you pay Tom Nook a loan back you get to expand your house more giving you more room to decorate. There are several different styles of items in the game and Nintendo is known for adding more through updates or events throughout the year.

The secondary focus of the game is interacting with your town. Animal Crossing has an ever-changing real-time world in which new animals move in and out of your town at random points.  One of the things the game wants you to do is interact with your neighbors, each different NPC character has its own style, personality, and things they want to talk to you about. They will also flag you down to ask for favors that result in getting free items for your house. Some will even send you letters or come to visit your home. Neighbors in Animal Crossing will also interact with each other which can result in them being in different moods when you finally get to talk with them for the day.

In New Leaf though, there is one other main focus the game gives you when you venture into town for the first time. There has been a strange mix-up and you get pulled into being the mayor for the town. Being the mayor gives you the ability to make modifications to all types of things like money inflation, night hours, daytime hours, and a focus on town beautification. The Mayor position also allows for you to commission new structures to be built anywhere you reasonably can. This feature makes pretty much the whole town your personal canvas.

To make the deal with Animal Crossing: New Leaf even sweeter Nintendo just dropped the price of the game down to 20$ USD. They also are rolling out all new Amiibo related updates to the game in December. With these updates, you will get a campsite that you can invite your favorite villagers to if you have collected their amiibo card. You also can get all new items by tapping other Amiibo to the game like the Squid Sisters from Splatoon. With new features and a mobile port coming for New Leaf now is as good as time as ever to look into picking the game up, especially with the price cut!

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Current Roster Of New Pokemon.

Sun and Moon have had several announcements for their roster of new Pokemon and we decided to compile what information we do have in a list for you here. This is the current list of names and typing for all announced Pokemon to this date for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Announced Pokemon:

#722 Rowlet-Flying/Grass

#725 Litten-FIre

#728 Popplio-Water




Pikipek- Normal/Flying












Bewear-Normal Fighting










Oricorio- Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, Ghost/Flying. Determined by form.









Type: Null- Normal



Tapu Koko-Electric/Fairy

Alolan Forms

Alolan Sandshrew-Ice/Steel

Alolan Sandslash- Ice/Steel

Alolan Vulpix-Ice

Alolan Ninetails-Ice/Fairy

Alolan Exeggutor- Grass/Dragon

Alolan Meowth- Dark

Alolan Marowak- Fire/Ghost

Alolan Raichu- Electric/Psychic

Alolan Rattata- Dark/Normal

Alolan Raticate- Dark/Normal

Legendary Pokemon



Mythical Pokemon


More announcements are still to come so keep tuned to PokeFind.com for more info coming soon!

Need a quick monster collecting fix? Pick up Yo-Kai Watch 2!

If you have caught em’ all in Pokemon Go or you’re waiting for the second season of Pokemon releases then I’m sure you’ve looked into to pre-ordering the newest 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. As you may have noticed, however, these game won’t be here until sometime in November leaving you in a collection slump. Fear not though, for Nintendo has your back as long as you are able to gain access to a 3DS. The game Yo-kai Watch is a monster collector based on a watch that can summon creatures by inserting the friendship medal they award you for pretty much just feeding them a lot of food.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 has just released and is a huge monster collecting game by the same studio(Level-5) that made the insanely beautiful and popular Ni No Kuni game for the PS3.  Yo-kai Watch is similar to Pokemon in enough ways to scratch the itch you have for new Pokemon. The games currently have 3 versions out in the non-eastern part of the globe titled Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls, and Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits.  Yo-kai Watch 2 is split into two different versions that contain different Yo-kai depending on the ones you pick much like Pokemon. They each have over 200 Yo-kai to befriend and features online battle to challenge your friends with when you assemble your ultimate team.

On the story side of things Yo-Kai Watch has a very comical narrative to it and never tries to take itself to seriously.  The collectible creatures in Yo-kai Watch all have quirks about them generally related to their names. Fidgephant, for example, is found in the game causing mischief because anyone he is around ends up having an uncomfortable urge to run to the bathroom. The world of Yo-kai Watch is filled with sidequests detailing the mischief that the different Yokai causes for the humans around them and it’s your job to generally stop them with a battle. The main story itself is usually a little more serious, but it still has a lot of light-hearted moments throughout it to keep things colorful and fun. The first game takes around 12 hours to get through and the second has been quoted to be pretty expansive giving you a lot more to play.

The battle system that we mentioned above is also quite different from Pokemon. Each Yo-kai has a level and most of them have evolutions/fusions to help make them more powerful. The battle will have you spinning a wheel to switch out Yo-kai and using mini-games to build up their soultimate moves to deal massive damage to the opponent. There is also mini-games to help break status effects and collect bonus items that fly across the screen. The system is generally a complicated mesh of micro management that is easy to learn and get into quickly.  Just make sure to keep a good balance of firepower,defense, and healing throughout your team and you can do just fine.

If you do end up getting into Yo-kai Watch on the side almost every store carries Yo-kai Watch merchandise as of right now so feeding your inner collector is easy. Currently, you can buy yourself a Yo-kai Watch and the medals. There is also a huge line of small medal moments toys that come with the Yo-kai posed with its medal to put on a shelf. On top of all of that a new line of giant plushes have just come out of the show’s mascots Jibanyan and Whisper.