Pokemon Go, it has been a good run . .

Pokémon Goers, sad news have been bestowed upon us. Pokémon Go’s 74 day winning streak has finally concluded. For the sake of clarification, Pokémon Go is no longer the highest grossing app. It was superseded by Clash Royale. You know, the game that has the commercial with the guy rolling the “r’s” in every word. “These are the rrrrrrrrrules of the duel”. Yeah, that game. Though, there is a caveat – Niantic’s most successful creation is no longer the highest grossing app in the US iOS system. It is still the highest grossing app in the Play Store under Google, and it is still the highest grossing app in other country’s iOS system. Those countries include Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, and Thailand. So there are definitely still records to be broken in those countries.

While on the topic of records being broken, Pokémon was able to place third when it comes to the most consecutive days at being the highest grossing app. It is preceded by the famous Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga.

Despite being uncrowned, Niantic can definitely pat itself on the back. However, they shouldn’t catch themselves in a jubilating environment because the question now is:

How will they stimulate the consumers to put more dollars into their game?


  • ikato kiyazaki

    of course it would happen. no way people will go walking around 365days

  • Iroc Reltub

    the whole issue in my city is the fact that 90% of everyone picked blue so gyms are 100% pointless for any other team member…if you can even take down the level 10 gyms it only lasts an hour at most so the whole idea around leveling up to get stronger pokemon to take down gyms is out the window… I’m still playing to see what they do next but I am unsure how long I will be waiting.

    • MickeyDss

      I have some suggestions as to what to do at this point.