Niantic has done it?!

Ever since the release of Pokémon Go, there have been numerous of third parties that have developed ways to assist Pokémon Goers in obtaining the Pokémon of their choosing –  such as this one. These ways include providing up-to-date news, IV calculators, and GPS Pokémon locators. All of these facets of the Pokémon Go community are the key to being a successful trainer. That being said, I am here to inform you all that one of these facets will return to the power of the creators of Pokémon Go – Niantic.

“Which one is it?” you might be saying.

Get a load of this:
Niantic has released a beta version that tests the compatibility of a GPS Pokémon locator in Pokémon Go itself.

(Click here to see it.)

This ultimately means that all other programs of GPS Pokémon locators are essentially rendered useless. Niantic providing a company owned GPS Pokémon locator could be considered a good thing or a bad thing. It depends from which lens you are looking through. Of course, for Pokémon Goers, it is a wonderful thing. It provides more accuracy when it comes to the location of the sought out Pokémon. Consequentially, it gives Pokémon Goers a more sense of comfort because they don’t have to put any trust in third parties that create their own GPS Pokémon locators.



Now, you might be wondering why you haven’t seen this beta version. The simple answer is that it was only released in San Francisco, the home of Niantic. However, it is definitely something to look forward to right? Let us know how you feel about this.