IGVault, Power Level and Catching Services You Can Trust.

Pokemon Go is a very time-consuming game; as is anything where you have to grind to achieve a high ranking. While this aspect of gaming can be fun and rewarding for a lot of people. Others simply just don’t have time to chase after mystical levels or catch the same Magikarp 100 times in a row to get a Gyarados. Honestly, though, not many people really have the time it takes to get their favorite Pokemon leveled up all the way or go out and evolve a Dratini into a Dragonite. Everything in Pokemon Go is time-consuming to the max when it comes to grooming your perfect battle team to compete in gyms with.

For starters, in order to level up your pokemon, you need something called Stardust. You generally get about 100 stardust from capturing a Pokemon which isn’t a lot when you have a team of six and to even start leveling one of them 1,000 stardust is needed. While you could just gym grind or go out for a Pidgey catching spree both of these aren’t very efficient ways to quickly level. There is, of course, hatching 10K egg that will net you 2,000 stardust at once, but that requires you to walk around or bike somewhere for about 5 miles which can be a hassle to find time or a place to do after your daily activities. So, what do you do when you want to catch up with your more free running friends to take down or add to their towering gyms?

The answer is simple and comes from our friends over at igvault.com. it’s a service known as power leveling that can be securely done and purchased through their Go experienced website. On addition, you can also request for any of the Pokemon in Go to be caught for you in your game, which is a huge bonus for anyone living in more rural areas where Pokemon only spawn in small numbers without much variation.


How does this work exactly you ask? Well, first you put in the amount of Stardust or choose the Pokemon that you would wish caught for you. Afterwards, you will be asked for a payment method and your account information which will be securely held and only used for the service. Depending on the amount of Stardust you want it can take as short as 15 minutes or as long as 3 days. The same thing applies to Pokemon as well, for example, if you want a few Eevees they will generally be caught rather quickly and returned to you, while a wild Dragonite may take quite a few hours to obtain. They will effectively gather your resources and catch the Pokemon of your request as quickly as possible.

The service also offers returns if it has not been completed and 24/7 chat assistance for any questions that you may have pop up. If you are concerned about security, the site has been around since 2006 with positive ratings and has dealt with more games than just Go.

As a bonus, I talked with a representative and was told that Pokemon generally take around half a day and 80k stardust usually takes about one day as well.