Get Ready For Halloween With The Pokemon Center!

What most people don’t usually think of when shopping for certain holidays is the great selection of themed merchandise that Pokemon can provide them. Each season/holiday the premier and official mostly online store the  “Pokemon Center” comes up with and releases fun lines of merchandise for fans to buy for a limited time. With the Fall season having just started and the month for pumpkins and spooks upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the great collectibles available from the Pokemon Halloween Circus line. The line ranges between 9.99 USD and 29.99 USD.

The Pokemon Center has currently released 18 collectible Halloween themed Pokemon items for you to choose from. These items range from a fun postcard to send to your friends, to collectible plushies of Pikachu dressed in stylish costumes. Each piece from the collection is a limited run and may never be sold again. If kept as a collectible you have a pretty great chance of their value staying at least near what you paid for them. The store is limited in locations in the U.S. and Japan most notably appearing in Tokyo and New York City. Most of their business is done online because of this and they keep their website updated at all times and extremely tidy with easy navigation. The price ranges are slightly high, but no more than most other branded merchandise and the shipping is priced rather decently with a scale according to the number of items you are currently purchasing.

Moving on to the actual collection you should know that most items are of the plushie breed. There are a few exceptions like the postcard mentioned above that features both costumed Pokemon and ghost types decorating its cover. There is also a pin set that features Pikachu in costume as well as Gengar, Duskull, Golbat, and Mismagius. Lastly for the non-plush items, you can pick up a keychain featuring Pikachu dressed as a jester on one side an Eevee as a pirate on the other.

Moving on to the plushies there is quite a bit to pick from especially since most of them have a few size variations to choose from for your personal enjoyment.  The first plush is a Pumpkaboo standard size plush that is like the plushies you will find on sale in chain stores across the globe. Next up is a Pikachu with a “King of Rock” costume featuring a guitar and a crown that is about 6.5 inches. If you’re looking for something bigger they have an 8.5 inch Pikachu Jester plush that has an optional keychain plush version.  To round out the Pikachu line they have a Pika Pumpkin plush in 4 different styles that include a card case as well as a plushie hat. Next is Eevee who is in the same pirate costume that’s on the keychain from the line. Evee stands at 7.5 inches tall, it should be noted that the cape she is wearing is modeled after a Drifloon.

Last we have a few cute keychains that you can buy if you want something cheap to clip on to your bag, You can choose from Plusle or Minun who are both dressed as pumpkins.  The eeveelutions Espeon and Umbreon are present with a  Mismagius-style  costume for Espeon and Zubat styled costume for Umbreon.  To finish everything up there is a Drifloon wearing Zubat ears available that might just be the cutest crossover that has ever been invented!