Go Watches Restocking

If you’re still as big a fan of Pokemon Go as we are you probably have found your self still looking around for the watch. Sadly the watch, however, has been rather hard to find and sold out quickly after it launched. Most of the time you can find a few online for high prices, but brick and mortar stores have been left high and dry in the way of shipments for the items.

Luckily, it seems some have started popping up across various retailers just in time for the holidays! Many reports of the watches being sold at places like Gamestop have shown up in the last few weeks. While many people are distracted with procuring the NES Classics it seems the Go watches have slipped right through the radar. The watches retail for about $34.99 USD and connect with your phone to notify you when a Pokemon is near you.

If you’re near an electronics retailer be sure to go by and check in. The cheapest one online at the moment is just below the $60 USD mark on Amazon.