Super Mario 3D Maker Now Avalible for 3DS!

Super Mario Maker has finally launched for the Nintendo 3DS system. Mario Maker was an intensely successful Wii U game that allows players to design their own Mario course for others to play on. The original game even let players upload courses to Nintendo Network for other players to try across the world creating a bustling online community and an unlimited number courses to play through.

The game focuses on using touch controls to easily drag and place various items and obstacles from the Mario universe. A player can make everything from complex levels made with only the top players in mind to cute underwater levels that a beginner can easily navigate. For the lazier player, the game already comes preloaded with 100 built in courses for you to conquer. Earn medals by completing these courses and be the first one of your friends to earn a full set.

Additionally Super Mario Maker has built in Amiibo support. Just tap an Amiibo to the screen of your New 3DS or use the adapter for the normal 3DS to import your favorite characters. After importing you can then play with skins of these characters throughout the game.

Pick up Super Mario Maker today for just 39.99.