Pokemon Go Winter Events Simmer Down

Pokemon Go players have had an exciting last few weeks as Niantic released quite a few bonuses. The app was filled with Pikachu’s wearing Santa hats and special gift boxes with ultra balls stuffed inside.  Trainers found that spawn rates were being increased inside the game for the starter Pokemon and new baby Pokemon were added in at the beginning of December.

According to accounts on r/pokemongo, though, wild Pikachus have lost their hats. This is not surprising as we are quite a bit passed the holidays now. Others report that the store has also stopped selling the special edition gift boxes.  The event was stated to last to the 8th of January and will continue on in the form of the increased spawn rates for starter Pokemon.

Though the winter events are over expect more activity from Niantic coming soon. With holidays like Valentine’s day around the corner, we have a great chance of seeing another round of specials be announced for the game. It’s also worth noting that at any time we could see the release of the remainder of the generation 2 roster on the app.

Pokemon Go Holiday Event

While everyone is celebrating with their families over the holidays Pokemon Go will be giving people a reason to venture off with their loved ones for some boosted gameplay.

Starting December 25th players will be able to more easily acquire the new baby Pokemon added in the last game update. Eggs will not necessarily hatch faster, however, each pokestop will give players a free incubator per day to make hatching eggs easier. Also, there will be increased rates for receiving eggs containing the new baby Pokemon. The incubators are one use, but with increased egg rates they will make hatching a much easier process. There will also be a higher chance of encountering the santa-hat Pikachu during this time. This event will end on January 3rd.

Also, on December 30th the encounter rates for all three first generation starters and their evolutions will be raised as well. This means gathering candies to evolve or power up your starter Pokemon will be much easier, or if you haven’t found all of the starters yet this will be a great opportunity to catch them. This event will end on January 8th.

These events will make filling pokedex entries a lot easier, and are a great holiday treat from Niantic. Good luck catching your Pokemon and be safe out there over the holidays!