Eggs no Longer Hatching Evolutions

One of the most recent additions to Pokemon Go were the baby Pokemon introduced in the 2nd generation of the main games. These currently have increased chances of being obtained through the events in Pokemon Go, but there is a major detail that is being discovered with the update. This change does mean that some Pokemon previously available via eggs will now have to be caught in the wild or raised from a hatched baby Pokemon.

Some long time players of the main games may remember having to take special measures for getting certain baby Pokemon, but in Pokemon Go it seems they have simply removed the ability for Pokemon like Pikachu, Clefairy, and Magmar to be hatched from an egg. This may make getting certain Pokemon take a little longer, but will also make the final product much stronger.

Also, remeber that there is currently a spawn rise in the starter Pokemon. So, if you want to finish evolving up that Squirtle you got over the summer now is the perfect opportunity to grind for candy.

Lastly, there have been rumors that Togepi can fully evolve into Togetic as of right now. If you have a Togepi let us know if it happens to evolve!