Switch Information Round-Up

As many of you may know this week it is finally time for Nintendo to give details on their newest console, the Switch. While we don’t know a lot about the product so far some information seems to have made it out to the general public about the product along with plenty of rumors to go with it. So, what do we know so far about the console?

The Switch will be a portable and stationary console at the same time. This means you can plug it into a stand and play it on your tv or you can take it around town with you. That being said it does feature detachable controllers you use to play the machine and Skyrim is slated to come to the machine as well. This points to the Switch being much more powerful than the Wii U and has opened the door to a huge amount of third party support.

Additionally, there are a lot of interesting rumors surrounding the Switch such as game launches. Currently, there is a rumor of a Pokemon game similar to Sun and Moon eventually showing up. An upgraded version of the popular game Splatoon is all but promised upon launch of the console in March. The online experience for Nintendo consoles is also supposed to greatly improve for this generation.