Pokemon Go Announcing New Pokemon on the 12th

The wait is finally over as Niantic has revealed the release of a new round of Pokemon will be unveiled early next week! These Pokemon will all presumably come from Gen 2, also note that legendaries are still up in the air at this point. All this came from a  press conference Niantic held alongside Sprint this morning.

In addition to this coming announcement, it was revealed that 10,500 Sprint locations will become Pokestops and gyms. A Starbucks flyer also leaked earlier this week pointing to the possibility of a new Pokemon Go themed drink, as well as Starbucks locations, becoming Pokestops as well. With all these new announcements expect to see Pokemon Go pick back up in popularity very soon.

Hopefully, this will also lead to a restock of Go watches which have become extremely rare and hard to find. Also, we do hope to see quite a few indoor catching locations as the winter months are quickly setting in here in the U.S..  Either way, the Pokemon of Gen 2 will definitely be a very welcome addition especially now that tracking is fixed within the game!

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