Pokemon Chocolates For Valentines

POKEMON BOX WITH CHOCOLATE! ☀ It's funny gift food will be a great holiday gift idea! (18 pieces of chocolate)

Remember the other day when we said we were sad the Pokemon Center didn’t have chocolates? Well, we found some on Amazon that looks adorable and gift ready! Just in time for Valentine’s day ordering, you can now buy customer approved boxes of Pokemon wrapped chocolates for you’re sweetheart.

The box contains 18 pieces of dark chocolate candy squares wrapped in Pokemon paper. Each box will run you around $14.95 USD with free shipping. While this may not be a huge box of chocolates like you’d normally pick up from a store it is guaranteed to give your gift just a little bit more character.

If you need some more ideas for Valentine’s day be sure to scroll down to see the line of Valentine’s day merchandise from the Pokemon Center. If that’s not enough we have made quite a few gift guides that have some cute suggestions for your boyfriend/girlfriend.