Genesect Cards Available for Free at Gamestop!

The monthly Pokemon giveaway at Gamestop continues this month with the Legendary Pokemon Genesect becoming available. The Pokemon comes on a cool little card that displays the stats and level for the Pokemon and is entirely free to anyone who wants him.  To get the card all you have to do is find a representative and mention Gensect to them and they should hand one over, some Gamestops currently only have a receipt code to give out as the cards didn’t come in in time. The code will still work and have instructions for how to activate it.

Also available in celebration of Pokemon is a collectible 20th anniversary Plush available at most Gamestops as well. The plush comes in a zip lock bag to keep it in good condition and will run you $16.99 for the purchase.

Boxshot: Pokemon 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Genesect 8 inch Plush - Only at GameStop by Tomy Corporation

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Be sure to stop by and check them both out while they last. Genesect’s event will run out at the end of the month.  You will need a working internet connection to receive Genesect as it is a mystery gift item.