Games For Your New 3DS

With the holidays wrapping up soon it’s time for everyone to hit the stores again for the end of the year sales over the next couple of weeks. So, what better time to stock up on great 3DS games to tide you through the beginning of the new year? We’ll give you some ideas to help you pick a few games you may have missed or haven’t quite convinced yourself to pick up yet.

Bravely Default: Bravely Default is a JRPG styled similar to the early 3D Final Fantasy games like Final Fantasy VII. It was given glowing reviews for its combat and received generally good comments on its story and characters. If you’re a fan of JRPGs then Bravely Default is a great option, as well as its sequel, Bravely Second.

Majora’s Mask 3D: Majora’s Mask was a huge hit on the N64 back in the day and fans were asking for a remake for years before a 3DS version was finally announced. This version has enhanced graphics from the retro N64 version and improved controls.

Yo-Kai Watch: If you’re enjoying Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon so far then Yo-kai Watch is a great next step. It has monster collecting similar to Pokemon with different a focus and combat style.