Future Updates and Speculations

It was not until recently at San Diego Comic Con, “The Comic Con”, that we received further news about what Niantic intends on doing in the future when it comes to Pokémon Go. This news update consisted of different aspects such as:

  • New servers
  • Expansion on the game’s inclusivity (More countries being able to have it in their systems.)
  • The release of the legendary Pokémons
  • Breeding
  • Pokémon Trading
  • Buddy system
  • Bug Fixes (Who didn’t see that coming?)

However, I want to focus primarily on the Pokémon Trading and partially on the breeding aspects. It is important that I mention that from this point, the content of this article is speculative.

Upon the implementation of the Pokémon Go Trading system, it will of no surprise to find out that it is only limited to certain regions – considering that Pokémon Go is not available in most countries. In addition to that, there most likely will not be international trades. Reason being is because Niantic is a relatively small company when you consider that they only have two homerun hitters – Ingress and Pokémon Go. Not to mention, they are working on acquiring new servers – which means the amount of data and resources needed to operate an international system supersedes their capabilities. So, things are certainly looking grim for that goal, but it is worth mentioning that they are getting pampered by Google and Nintendo – which could make that goal more obtainable. (See statistics here.)

Another potential reason why initially there wouldn’t be international trade is simply the fact that that sort of move is very unprecedented in regards to Pokémon content. By that I mean Nintendo, the creators of Pokémon in its entirety, never immediately implemented an international trading system when it came to Pokémon games. It was always a progressive move to accomplish that goal. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Pokémon Go Trading system will completely change the standard of the game – especially when it breeding is added to Pokémon Go’s arsenal.

Now there is not much to talk about when it comes to how effective breeding is in a Pokémon game – especially if you’ve played the handheld Pokémon games, but if you did not, here are two main things to look forward to:

  • Better Pokémon in circulation (higher IV stats)
  • The creation of Pokémon Go’s Black Market

Note: This is not set in stone and is nothing more than speculations. Take this with a grain of salt.