“A Major Name Changer.”

In July of 2016, Pokemon Go was released to the public and took the world by storm. Since then, it has acquired 5 world records, countless amounts of controversy and has caused mass gatherings of gamers unlike anything that we have ever seen before. Not only has it surpassed expectations, it has taken communities of like-minded Pokemon lovers and made them into a family, and that family, has a few secrets to share. And it just so happens to be, that one of those secrets involves the cutest little Pokemon you will ever see. Eevee…
Not only is Eevee the cutest, but also, the only Pokemon capable of evolving into 3 different types. An electric type (Jolteon), a water type (Vapereon) and a fire type (Flareon). The chances of your Eevee evolving into your favorite, is only 33.33%. I know what you’re saying… “So, I have to catch 3, and hope and pray that just one of those evolves into Jolteon?” And to that, I say nay my fellow Pokemaster!! How, do you ask? Simple… nickname it. And no, I don’t mean nickname it Fido, Killer or Bobby Sue. The name you choose is very specific for the base type you want her to evolve into.
Before we get into the base type and the name associated with it though, let’s talk about how to nickname Eevee. First, go into your Pokemon list and find her. Once you have selected Eevee, just tap on the pencil icon next to her name and you’re all set. Easy breezy so far, right?
Okay… Now that you’re ready, you’re going to want to change her name depending upon the evolution you want her to go through. For Jolteon, you must give Eevee the nickname, Sparky. If you’re feeling hot and want to go with her fire type evolution, Pyro is the nickname you must use. And last but not least, for her water type evolution you’re going to want to nickname her Rainer.


(Location of your nickname button)

Once you have done this, your next step is to simply restart Pokemon Go. That’s right… Just a simple restart. Once you have done this, go back into your Pokemon list and find the Eevee you nicknamed, evolve her and your all set.

(Photo courtesy of VGU)

Eevee evolutions

(From left to right: Jolteon, Pyro and Rainer)
By being able to control which type she evolves into, this gives you the capabilities of a well rounded team, with little effort and a bunch of hitting power. But, you will always want to level up your Pokemon before evolving. This allows you to have an extremely high CP base before evolution. By doing this, you allow the evolved form to start off stronger and to be way more efficient in your never ending battle for domination over your local gyms. And that my friend, is how you evolve the cutest little Pokemon, we will ever set eyes on.
Before I go, I must say one last thing… Go Team Mystic!

Beginners Corner: Are you tired of running out of Pokeballs during your adventures? Does it make you want to cry when that rare Pokemon you been chasing finally comes around and you are left with nothing to do, but watch, as it laughs at you for not being prepared? Well, worry no more my fellow Pokemasters! Simply tap the Pokeball if it misses the Pokemon you’re trying to catch. This allows you to pick it back up and use it again. By utilizing this technique, you will maintain a lot more of them, giving you that little extra you need, to catch ’em all.

  • thatoneguyweknow

    just says jolteon and not sparky

  • Kimberly Smith

    Too bad those tricks don’t work any more.

  • Daniel Pearson

    Okay. Firstly, this is a very, very, very old trick now, people have known about this within the first 2 weeks of Pokemon Go, actually an easter egg, Niantic has openly admitted to of a few. Secondly, the names of Eevees evolutions are Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon, not Jolteon, Pyro and Rainer. Thirdly, the correct way is to name an Eeevee, Sparky for Jolteon, Pyro for Flareon and Rainer for Vaporeon, no restarting is required, and once you have used all 3, any Eevee you evolve from then on will evolve into any of the 3, even if you name it. And, Lastly, you do no have to level up you pokemon prior to evolving, unlike the old games pokemon stay at a level even after evolving, so say you evolve a Bulbasaur that in the first few levels of its arc, at abut say 145 cp, the Ivysaur you evolve will stay at the point of the arc but have a cp of something like 280-320 so either way powering up can be done before or after you evolve, especially if you have next to no stardust but want to strengthen your pokemon

    • iAmRorschach

      Let em know bro!!

  • Iroc Reltub

    Pick up pokeball trick doesn’t work.

    • Joemama

      tru fat large.co

  • Brooke McCain

    Just information for the ones who did not know about the tricks.