Girl Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprint For Pokemon Gifts

This holiday season has been great for Pokemon and even Nintendo fans in general. There were a lot of great gifts to go around, which apparently got someone out there a little too desperate to score so Pokemon gear.

An Arkansas family’s six-year-old daughter recently managed to snag her mother’s phone while the mother was sleeping. What did this 6-year-old want you ask? Just $250 worth of Pokemon merchandise for her Christmas presents. To top it off, the little girl even used her mother’s thumbprint while she was sleeping to unlock the phone! She did manage to have the gifts delivered properly, but unfortunately for the parents, they were not able to return everything.

Hopefully, this little girl and her family still had a wonderful holiday season and the little girl learned a lesson in not using someone’s devices without permission. As for everyone else, maybe we should start using complicated codes to unlock our phones? This is a great reminder to keep our phones secure, and a pretty light hearted story among less happy news lately and hopefully, people get a little laugh out of this family’s misadventures. Happy Holidays!