The New Pokemon Global Mission is All About Eggs

If you have gotten tired of hatching eggs in Go then why not take a break and virtually hatch egg in your Sun and Moon game. The latest Pokemon Global mission has launched and it’s all bout the eggs. All you have to do is load up your game and get to breeding. After you start churning out eggs just hatch as many as you can to help the Pokemon community reach their overall goal!

This event is just in time for Easter celebrations and will run April 10th at 23:59 UTC time. The goal this time around is to hatch 200,000 eggs by the time.  If the community wants to push the limits all they have to do is reach the bonus goal of 400,000 egg hatches which will  unlock the love ball. Any participant who hatches at least 3 eggs will be awarded 5 rare candies.

If the goal is reached PGL members will get 4,000 festival coins while non-members will earn 2,000; If not reached the coin amount will be 400 and 200 for non PGL members. To join the mission simply go to your festival plaza and sign up with the global link NPC.