The “correct” way?

With the recent release of Pokemon Go, it has completely altered the way of outdoor activities. Dare I say that it is revolutionary? That being said, Poke’ Goers have been able to fully utilize the exploratory requirement of the game – particularly in the case of hatching eggs which is obtainable at Poke Stops. There were and are many efficient and creative ways people have done this. Whether it is using a drone or any other creative hacks, everything is done for the benefit of gaining more and exerting less effort – which is essentially the same idea or motive for the progression in technology. Though, people have not become too creative by the ignoring what I would call the “speed rule” – which is basically a mechanism that the developers placed to ensure some level of difficulty of hatching eggs.

Being aware of this makes you think of the motives and experiences that would enable Poke Goers to seek out alternatives to walking. Of course, there are numerous of reasons such as not having the time to walk, trying to win a competition of who can catch em’ all, being lazy, or maximizing efficiency. All of these are most likely the motives behind seeking alternatives. The question is does it defeat the purpose of what the game was designed for? Or how the game is meant to be played?

Surely, we can conclude that the game was designed for by simply reading Niantic’s blog, but what about how it is meant to be played? This is a topic that is certainly up for debate. One could say that it is meant to be played like how it is portrayed in the anime. Another can say that the way it is portrayed is unrealistic.

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