New Pokemon Themes Enter The E-Shop

Two new Nintendo 3DS themes have been released based on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  The first theme is called A Sinister Organization-Team Skull and showcases many members of Team Skull such as Guzma, Plumeria, and Gladion. The theme also has small animations of Team Skull Grunts on the bottom screen that move as you navigate through your Nintendo 3DS Home Screen. The second theme is called Shiny Tapu Koko and displays images of the Pokemon as well as Golisopod, Kommo-o, and Lycanroc.  Both themes are available now on the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop for $1.99.

If you’ve been needing an update to your 3DS home screen don’t be afraid to invest in these themes. They both look great and will make you feel like you have a whole new system if coupled with a new Pokemon case!