Super Mario Odyssey


The Nintendo Switch conference turned out to be a huge success for Nintendo and has riled up a lot more excitement for the new console. Several games were announced that Nintendo fans have been very excited for, one of which was Super Mario Odyssey.

Since some teaser footage was shown in the Switch reveal trailer a few months ago fans have been speculating exactly what this game is, as it looked as if it was from the same vein as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The conference confirmed these suspicions and fans couldn’t be happier. In the Mario line of games 64 and Sunshine are considered some of the most well done and beloved games, and to top off the excitement for Odyssey the same minds behind those previous games are putting this one together as well. The game was said to feature a story about Mario going on a journey through foreign lands to save Princess Peach. There was also a few glimpses of Mario’s hat with large eyes, indicating his hat may play a similar role as FLUDD in Sunshine by offering supporting dialogue and filling a companion role.

This is a big deal for a lot of long-time Nintendo fans as a Super Mario Sunshine 2 or similar title has been a long requested game by many. While we didn’t see some series show up like Smash Bros, Metroid or Star Fox Nintendo is definitely hearing what fans want and trying to deliver those experiences, so this announcement brings hope for a lot of series that have gone untouched for years. The game is currently slated for a holiday 2017 launch, but there are titles set to launch all throughout the year to  keep things interesting on the Switch.