Pokemon Charity Stream

The holidays are both a time of excitement and stress for most people. This year, however, it seems that some rather successful streamers have decided to pick up the Pokemon series on their twitch channel for their 3-day long charity fundraiser.  The stream is fun to watch, and the channel in question is known for being interactive with their chat.

The streamers are known as “The Speed Gamers” and are playing through all the Pokemon games they can fit into a session. So far, we have seen them go through many different regions including Kanto for the program.  They also have multiple games going on the stream at once and donation goals affect the games progress by causing the streamers to nuzlock or do a completion run.

The charity in question is called Buildon and helps create after school programs for kids across the nation. The stream is broadcast in English and so far collected over $3,000 USD. They are hoping to gain around $10,000 USD by the end and have pledged to extend their stream for 24 hours if the goal is hit.

So, if you’re looking for something to idly watch for the next few days this Pokethon may fit perfectly for you.

Click here to check it out!