Pokemon Go is Still Going Strong

Many people are worried about the slow down that GO has seemily had in the last few months. Over the summer it launched you could see people lining up in Pokestops around the United States for a chance to catch a Pikachu. Now, you barely see anyone saying anymore or so you think.

As the winter months have set in many people have been less inclined too go outside and take a hike. As the warmer weather approaches though a rise in active users is starting to occur. Many players are excited about the release of generation two. This in turn will bring back weekend Pokemon binge when everyone emerges from their hibernation and can start safely getting back into the game.

In fact a recent report just came out proving that Go still has 65 million active users a month. With an upcoming festival on the rise and flowers growing every place they can get ready for a resurgence in players in your area.