Splatoon 2

Another one of the announcements from the recent Switch conference was Splatoon 2. We were shown small clips of Splatoon gameplay in the Switch reveal footage, but it was assumd the game was a re-release of the original. Set for a Summer 2017 release it seems Nintendo wants to turn the series into a big summer and fall event with how they present content and in-game events.

The first Splatoon released at the end of May 2015, and for about a year the game was given free content updates and several in game weekend events were held. Splatoon 2 will start with all the content of the first game as well as new content, and then continue the path of the first game with regular free updates and in-game events. This means that the game will have tons of new weapons, maps, and game types for players to enjoy. The Summer releases really frame the series as a big seasonal event and Nintendo definitely emanated that feeling with the first game so Splatoon 2 is sure to be just as fun.

With the addition of mobile play on the Switch, multiplayer games on the console are going to see an all new age of possibilities. Splatoon was a surprisingly successful Wii U release that captured the hearts of gamers who wanted a purely fun driven multiplayer experience. Splatoon 2 is going to continue that same fun driven experience, while also allowing players to carry their experience with them so it should be an all new experience no gamer has had, which is very exciting.