The New Pokemon Global Mission is All About Eggs

If you have gotten tired of hatching eggs in Go then why not take a break and virtually hatch egg in your Sun and Moon game. The latest Pokemon Global mission has launched and it’s all bout the eggs. All you have to do is load up your game and get to breeding. After you start churning out eggs just hatch as many as you can to help the Pokemon community reach their overall goal!

This event is just in time for Easter celebrations and will run April 10th at 23:59 UTC time. The goal this time around is to hatch 200,000 eggs by the time.  If the community wants to push the limits all they have to do is reach the bonus goal of 400,000 egg hatches which will  unlock the love ball. Any participant who hatches at least 3 eggs will be awarded 5 rare candies.

If the goal is reached PGL members will get 4,000 festival coins while non-members will earn 2,000; If not reached the coin amount will be 400 and 200 for non PGL members. To join the mission simply go to your festival plaza and sign up with the global link NPC.

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Trials and Kahunas

Pokémon Sun and Moon really changed up the formula for Pokémon games this generation. The removal of gyms and badges in favor of Kahunas and trials left some long-time fans a bit uneasy. However, upon playing the games a lot of players found that the Kahunas and trials were a positive change towards the games core formula. The changes at times are a little quirky, but most of the trials are lined with fun quest-esque missions to finish.

The Kahunas are also very fun and fresh leaders. Generally, they play roles within the islands other than standing at the top of a platform waiting for your challenge. While exploring each island and their challenges you will generally run into the Kahunas who wander around doing their own thing and taking care of their people. They are given personality and unique designs like the trial Captains to separate them from the rest of the trainers located throughout Alola.

One of the other noteworthy changes is that each trial does not increase the level of traded Pokemon that will obey you, only defeating a Kahuna and finishing up an island allows for stronger Pokemon to be traded into your game and follow your commands. You also earn Z-crystals for your efforts instead of a badge that doesn’t have much use afterward. HMs are also removed from the game and after beating a Kahuna or trial the obstacles blocking your path will naturally move or you will be given a Pokemon to page that helps you traverse future terrain. In the case of defeating a Kahuna a ferry will generally appear to transport you to the next island.

As for trials themselves they are usually a weird string of events. These events combine everything from gathering and making food in a forest to matching dance routines on a volcano. Each trial is run by a captain and at the end you will face a Totem Pokemon which will have a higher level of strength than regular Pokemon.  You also will not be able to leave a trial for healing once you start unlike being able to heal in between battles at a gym.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments below!


A Few More Weird Pokedex Entrees

Recently we had a list of five of some of the most stand out Pokedex entries from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Well, we felt that five just wasn’t enough so we grabbed three more to share with you that we felt were some really well-written entries.



Muk got a lot of love for its new Alolan form, but the Pokedex entry leads one to believe Muk may need some help to stick around. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” After recent environmental improvements, this Pokémon is now hardly seen at all. People speculate that it may go extinct at some point. ”

It’s odd to imagine what a nature reserve built to sustain a Muk population would look like, but hopefully the world of Pokemon gets on that soon!



Crabrawler is arguably one of the funnier crab Pokemon designs there are, but according to their Pokedex entries they share a similar fate with Slowpoke. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It punches so much, its pincers often come off from overuse, but they grow back quickly. What little meat they contain is rich and delicious. ”

So basically Crabrawlers run around punching things until their hands fall off, and the hands they leave behind are delicious treats for whoever finds them. Slowpoke tails and Crabrawler claws may make a fantastic soup together.



The Sandcastle Pokemon was initially met with some criticism from fans for being another silly Ghost concept. However, Sandyghast proves to be a rather horrifying addition to the world of Pokemon. The Moon Pokedex entry reads:

” It takes control of anyone who puts a hand in its mouth. And so it adds to the accumulation of its sand-mound body. ”

So its a Pokemon that uses mind slaves to make it grow and eventually evolve into an even more horrifying monster. Maybe laughing at Sandyghast is a bad idea.


So there are three more great Pokedex entries from Sun and Moon. Are there any you liked that we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments below!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Next Week!

After a long 2 year wait the newest generation of Pokemon is finally here. On November 18th at midnight game  stores across the United States will be hosting midnight launch parties for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The new versions will have differing stories happening 12 hours apart from each other and are based in the tropical Alolan region that is made up of 5 Islands.

The games feature dozens of new Pokemon, as well as Alolan forms of gen 1 favorites; an all-new progression system with bosses being Totem Pokemon; and revamps to the classic core mechanics of the game making the Alola region different than any previous Pokemon experience to date. The game also features the addition of ridable Pokemon that can be used anywhere to get around the map easier.  You will also face new challenges in quests other than battling to progress the game.

On top of that Mega-evolution makes a return as well as the addition of Z-moves that can be activated by a separate physical watch you have to use in connection to your game. We have no word yet of any Amiibo usage, but it is a possibility you can’t mark out yet. The game will incorporate the Pokemon bank starting in January so you can transfer up your favorites from Pokemon Omega, Alpha, X, and Y.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was released in early October on the Nintendo 3Ds e-shop for free. By playing the demo you can unlock Ash Greninja as well as play through in-game events that will give you items to transfer into the full version of the game. The demo also introduced the Alolan form of Dugtrio to the world.

Be sure to preorder your copy today or write it down on your present list for the holidays. The games will retail at $39.99 USD and will work on the original 3Ds.