Last Minute Pokemon Plushies For Easter

If you are like some of us then last month might have just slipped you by. Now it’s the first day of April and you have no clue how to pull off a cute Easter basket for your girlfriend or kids. Fear not thought as we have found cute set of Pokemon plushies to stuff into any size basket. These chibi versions of everyone’s favorite Pokemon are sure to please this holiday!

The set includes the classic gen 1 starters as well as a Pikachu. The set is available with Prime shipping to get your package to you as fast as you need it for cheap.  The set will run you around $16 USD . Each plush will be around 5 inches tall.

A Team Skull Dressed Pikachu Now Exists!

If you’re a fan of the newest legion of Pokemon bad guys then this Pikachu is for you. He wears the iconic Team Skull grunt outfit complete with Bandana, shoes, and necklace. The only thing that could make him better is the official theme song.


If you’re still more of a classic Pokemon lover there is also a Pikachu dressed in Team Rockets grunt outfit that even comes complete with a confident smug on his face.  You also have to admit Pikachu is even cuter when wearing gloves!

If those two weren’t enough then check out this Pikachu coming straight from the latest remakes in the series Ruby and Sapphire! This Pikachu is dressed from head to toe in Team Magma’s gear and even comes posed to perfection. All of these Pikachu’s are Pokemon Center Japan exclusives and will range you between $20 to $40 USD.

Alolan Marowak For Sale Through Amazon!

Just when you thought you were done buying Pokemon merchandise for your room along comes this plush from Amazon. Alolan Marowak is here for you to cuddle at night or put up in your collection. He is a Pokemon Center exclusive and comes straight from Japan to your door.

Marowak measures 22.5 × 19 × 15 and will run you around $30 if bought through Amazon. There is also a version available with prime shipping that comes from Amazon itself. It will run you a few dollars more, but a card will be included with your plush!

There are a few other Alolan plushes currently out, but we have yet to see a full line for purchase. Be sure to stay tuned with us for more Pokemon news and collectibles you can add to your collection!

Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Available From ThinkGeek!

It’s getting near the holidays and let’s be honest people are down right hard to buy for. Thankfully, if you are a Poke-fan or you have one in your life there is an influx of Pokemon related gifts flowing out from many retailers right now. Thanks to the influx in popularity due to Pokemon Go and the upcoming 3Ds games we have some truly amazing products going up for purchase for the first time ever!

One of the items that almost every Pokemon fan has wanted is a giant Snorlax to rest their head on. That became a reality in Japan a little while back when they finally announced the production of a Snorlax plush. These Pluses were so huge that the Japanese consumers who bought them had trouble even getting them into their homes. This created a huge interest in a Snorlax product being produced overseas in the U.S.

Thankfully the Gamestop owned company ThinkGeek has stepped up to the challenge! ThinkGeek has a license pending Snorlax beanbag set to launch its first run this December just in time for the holidays. The Beanbag will run you around $200 USD after shipping and is said to be big enough to lounge on.  If your gift receiver doesn’t mind a little bit of a late present they can be pre-ordered for an after Christmas TBD delivery date!

Head over to or to order yours today, and remember that quantities are limited.