The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The upcoming entry in the iconic Legend of Zelda series has gone through a long development process, but we are finally nearing the release date and getting the final pieces of pre-launch information for Breath of the Wild. The recent Nintendo Switch conference confirmed that Breath of the Wild as a launch title for the Switch that’s hitting stores March 3rd. This is a great time for fans as there is now enough information to make educated guesses about upcoming features and story points, but little enough that the mystery is still lingering in the air.

Breath of the Wild is an open-world Legend of Zelda title that will provide various items and equipment designed to help you travel what seems to be the ruins of the former Hyrule kingdom. Link now has to use different armors and clothes for various climates, weapons and armor break and players will be able to cook food and make discoveries completely disconnected from the main story of the game. The recent conference also provided new information about the story, and we were treated to scenes of Gorons, Zoras, and Ritto showing a wide variety of friendly faces in the open world. We also finally saw the new design for Zelda herself, and found the game will feature full voice acting in a first for the series. This has generated a huge amount of excitement as fans loved what they saw of the epic story unfolding in Breath of the Wild. This entry is also bringing several changes to the classic formula including the removal of Link’s iconic green tunic and hat and there will be no barriers keeping players from trying to go straight into dungeons intended for the closing chapters of the gameplay.

When the Switch releases in March it is highly likely that a large majority of those picking up the console will be taking home Breath of the Wild as well. It was also confirmed to release on Wii U the same day. After the delays, several teasers, and years of development it’s finally time for the next entry in one of the most well known series to entertain us and draw us all back into the beautiful world that is the Legend of Zelda.

Super Mario Odyssey


The Nintendo Switch conference turned out to be a huge success for Nintendo and has riled up a lot more excitement for the new console. Several games were announced that Nintendo fans have been very excited for, one of which was Super Mario Odyssey.

Since some teaser footage was shown in the Switch reveal trailer a few months ago fans have been speculating exactly what this game is, as it looked as if it was from the same vein as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The conference confirmed these suspicions and fans couldn’t be happier. In the Mario line of games 64 and Sunshine are considered some of the most well done and beloved games, and to top off the excitement for Odyssey the same minds behind those previous games are putting this one together as well. The game was said to feature a story about Mario going on a journey through foreign lands to save Princess Peach. There was also a few glimpses of Mario’s hat with large eyes, indicating his hat may play a similar role as FLUDD in Sunshine by offering supporting dialogue and filling a companion role.

This is a big deal for a lot of long-time Nintendo fans as a Super Mario Sunshine 2 or similar title has been a long requested game by many. While we didn’t see some series show up like Smash Bros, Metroid or Star Fox Nintendo is definitely hearing what fans want and trying to deliver those experiences, so this announcement brings hope for a lot of series that have gone untouched for years. The game is currently slated for a holiday 2017 launch, but there are titles set to launch all throughout the year to  keep things interesting on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Stream

For those waiting for the announcements about Nintendo’s new console, the Switch, tonight is the night of the new stream giving us the last wave of info before the console’s release. Tonight at 11 P.M. EST Nintendo will be live streaming at least an hour of information about the console that has yet to be released. Hopefully, there will be launch titles and price points, but we’ll all be finding out shortly.

Be sure to make your final purchase decisions during tonight’s stream and set your Switch preorders as quickly as possible as there is a high possibility of a limited quantity release of the console. Preorders for the Switch are starting tomorrow morning and given the general trend of limited Nintendo products in recent years there may be lines and no guarantee of getting your preorder if there are limited quantities.

You can catch the presentation here. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World Coming To 3DS

Yoshi’s Wooly World was a popular Wii U title released in October of 2105 that delivered something fans of Yoshi’s Island had been waiting for. The game features a unique design choice of presenting the world and characters as made of yarn and also utilizes this in interesting ways in the gameplay. More exciting news comes as Nintendo has announced that on February 3rd a 3DS port of Yoshi’s Wooly World will release, called Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World, and it will have new content as well.

The 3DS version will continue amiibo support, and a bundle with the new Yarn Poochy amiibo will be available for $49.99 USD. The game will contain all the content from the original Wooly World release as well as some added bonuses. There will now be time trials that put players in control of Poochy for extra challenges. There are also added stop motion cutscenes to explain the story of Poochy and Yoshi in their world made of yarn.

For those who opted out of a Wii U, this port is a great addition to the 3DS library. For fans of the Yoshi series, this is a great spotlight for Poochy that many will enjoy, especially with their new Yarn Poochy amiibo. The game will run the usual $4o USD without the amiibo bundle, so if you haven’t picked up Yoshi’s Wooly World yet, be on the lookout in February to try it out on your 3DS!

Switch Information Round-Up

As many of you may know this week it is finally time for Nintendo to give details on their newest console, the Switch. While we don’t know a lot about the product so far some information seems to have made it out to the general public about the product along with plenty of rumors to go with it. So, what do we know so far about the console?

The Switch will be a portable and stationary console at the same time. This means you can plug it into a stand and play it on your tv or you can take it around town with you. That being said it does feature detachable controllers you use to play the machine and Skyrim is slated to come to the machine as well. This points to the Switch being much more powerful than the Wii U and has opened the door to a huge amount of third party support.

Additionally, there are a lot of interesting rumors surrounding the Switch such as game launches. Currently, there is a rumor of a Pokemon game similar to Sun and Moon eventually showing up. An upgraded version of the popular game Splatoon is all but promised upon launch of the console in March. The online experience for Nintendo consoles is also supposed to greatly improve for this generation.


Nintendo Switch Announcements Almost Here

Ever since the NX information began trickling out, fans of Nintendo have been eagerly awaiting any information to be released. In the closing months of 2016 the NX’s official name was released, and so began the flow of information for the Nintendo Switch.

Set to release in March, the Switch has had little information floating around about it. However, on the 12th we’ll all be treated to a Nintendo Conference all about the Switch and we’ll finally get some long awaited details. As Nintendo’s next console, the Switch has already been shown to dissolve the line between home consoles and portable gaming devices by offering the power of a home console while being able to be taken away from home without ever turning off your game.

The information that is most desired seems to be a list of the launch titles, prices, and some more specific hardware information. There is also the elephant in the room, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Nintendo hasn’t stated it will be a launch title, and the game has been in development long enough that fans feel the release should come much sooner than later. So be sure to keep an eye out for Nintendo’s new info on the Switch on the 12th to see what their next console has to offer!

Games For Your New 3DS

With the holidays wrapping up soon it’s time for everyone to hit the stores again for the end of the year sales over the next couple of weeks. So, what better time to stock up on great 3DS games to tide you through the beginning of the new year? We’ll give you some ideas to help you pick a few games you may have missed or haven’t quite convinced yourself to pick up yet.

Bravely Default: Bravely Default is a JRPG styled similar to the early 3D Final Fantasy games like Final Fantasy VII. It was given glowing reviews for its combat and received generally good comments on its story and characters. If you’re a fan of JRPGs then Bravely Default is a great option, as well as its sequel, Bravely Second.

Majora’s Mask 3D: Majora’s Mask was a huge hit on the N64 back in the day and fans were asking for a remake for years before a 3DS version was finally announced. This version has enhanced graphics from the retro N64 version and improved controls.

Yo-Kai Watch: If you’re enjoying Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon so far then Yo-kai Watch is a great next step. It has monster collecting similar to Pokemon with different a focus and combat style.

$99 USD New 3DS Deal Available For Black Friday

If you are new to the Poke-craze or just haven’t got a chance to upgrade to the newest 3ds now is your chance. Nintendo recently announced that they will be shipping out a special “New 3DS Model” made especially for the holidays this year. The model will cost you a mere $99 Usd similar to the price point of the durable 2 DS model from last years holiday season. It will come in two colors black and white with Mario artwork decorating the front portion of the system.

The 3Ds is new to the U.S. market where before we only had the Xl version available. This version will still have the higher processing power that the Xl does, but with a smaller size and screen overall. We do not yet know if anything additional will come with the 3DS or if it will be anything more than a Black Friday deal. The system is already listed in Gamestop’s black Friday ad.

The New 3DS will benefit Pokemon Sun and Moon players as the game will use more processing power than any previous title in the handheld series.  The new 3Ds will make load times shorter and animations run smoother with less hiccups than the basic model. The system will also be able to play the New 3Ds exclusive game Xenoblade chronicles 3D, as well as run the much loved Hyrule Warriors 3d at its maximum potential.

For more 3Ds Holiday news be sure to check ads for holiday sells for stores that carry gaming merchandise. As well as the official Nintendo website for more holiday related announcements!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon, Possible Changes.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are bringing with them several changes to the Pokemon formula. Not only are classic Pokemon getting new forms just for the new regions, the official site even states that the region operates on its own terms and is quite different than anything we have visited before.  The regions are getting rid of day and night cycles to push their story forward instead of focusing on the formula.

Sun and Moon are taking some drastic turns compared to the other handheld games in the series.  First off they seem to be leaning towards giving the Alola region itself deep bits of lore and it’s own history, which they will use to change the core gameplay mechanics we are used too.  As it appears now we may even forgo the classic gym battles and possibly the Elite Four in exchange for island based challenges.  We have been told that islands will have leaders called Kahunas that will be challenged when you finish trials on the islands. The trials will vary from battles to finding items to progress in the island’s quests. After you finish gathering your quest item you will be challenged by a boss know as a totem Pokemon.

Totem Pokemon will be larger than other Pokemon of the same name and have special abilities. When in battle with them they will also have the option to call in other Pokemon to fight you as well. There are 5 islands you have to make it through one of which is man made instead of being nature based like the rest.  If you manage to make it through the totem you will then end up in the Grand Trial for the island that once beaten will give you recognition across the region and allow you to progress in the story. We aren’t completely sure how the progression will take place at the moment, but it can only be assumed that we are taking out gyms as we have seen art for everything but leaders at this point.

On top of all of this, there will be two different organizations as well as ultra beasts that you will get entangled with. Team Skull is the suspected bad guys of the generation and have the mysterious Type Null Pokemon by their side, in the story; they will mess up trial sites and be involved in robbing trainers of their Pokemon.  The Aether Foundation has constructed a man-made island to take in and care for different Pokemon, they also do research on the mysterious ultra beasts that threaten the island.  Finally, Ultra Beasts are mysterious Pokemon that are named with code words that have been causing disasters around the Alola region for unknown reasons, we do not know how many there are or what they currently want.

Along with all these changes, there will be new Z moves that involve buying a separate item to use. The Z- watch will be sold in stores with Z crystals and will link to your 3DS to be used in battle. Other than these changes we are still waiting to find out more information about the changes in Sun and Moon. On the bright side it looks like Pokemon-Amie will be returning in a new version and we have confirmed avatar customization for your trainer.



Yo-Kai Watch The Movie Launches

Yo-kai Watch is the new and upcoming monster befriending series that is capturing the hearts of gamers around the U.S. In every store you go in you can find Yo-kai Watch toys and games being sold and the commercials for the show are on every tv channel you turn to. The games had a successful launch a few weeks ago with the second games in the series Yo-kai Watch Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. This week Level-5 and Nintendo contracted with Fandango to bring the movie to select theaters across the nation winning, even more, fans over.

The movie is based loosely on the plot of the second games with some key elements changed to make it more fitting to fit in a movie time slot. Some of this article will cover key details from the movie and game so to avoid spoilers stop here!

Yo-kai Watch The Movie takes place mostly in the past where Nate ventures to learn the origin of the Yo-kai Watch. It connects back to the T.V. series which shows key points leading up to the movies events including the interference of the antagonists. Like the show the movie has heavy comedy built into it, but for story lovers, there is a heavy overtone of seriousness when it comes to Nates Grandpa.  The movie starts when the Yo-kai Watch mysteriously disappears overnight with memories associated with it and the shopping district comes under attack by a giant cat Yo-kai. Upon the realization that Nate has lost his memories he regains the ability to see Jibanyan and Whisper and win the battle against Meganyan who convinces him to go visit his grandma in the country.

Upon, arriving he stumbles upon Meganyan again who he has to save from being trapped in a shed. Upon releasing Meganyan he turns into Hovernyan who tells Nate his grandpa who he never got to meet is in trouble in the past and needs his help. With the use of an item, they teleport back in time where Nathaniel, Nate’s grandpa has gone into a depression and refuses to finish making the Yo-kai Watch. Because of this, there is now time interference causing the watch to never even exist. This sets our heroes on an adventure to help Nathaniel realize he has friends in the Yo-kai and convince him to finish the watch. Along the way, they will end up confronting powerful enemies that have been working behind the scenes to skew the friendship between the humans and Yo-kai and must uncover the truth hidden in the past.

The movie also has heavy Star Wars references and parodies the series many times throughout it. The movie has enjoyable content for both kids and adults to enjoy. Depending on your age you will be able to take the jokes as they really are and appreciate the story itself at different depths. The movie is also a great companion to the games and can quickly bring you up to speed on the series as whole if you haven’t had time to check it out as of yet.