Fire Emblem Direct

Earlier this afternoon Nintendo treated us all to even more information about upcoming releases, this time centered around the Fire Emblem series.

The first news came in the form of an announcement for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which is a  3DS remake of the second game in the series, Fire Emblem Gaiden. Echoes is set to launch May 19, 2017 and amiibo of the games two main characters will launch the same day as a 2-pack. Second, Nintendo announced that a mainline Fire Emblem will be returning to home consoles for the first time since Radiant Dawn on the Wii, the Nintendo Switch title is in the works and planned for a 2018 release and no other information was shown. After that, the teaser for Fire Emblem Warriors from the Switch conference was shown with some additional footage. The game was confirmed for a Fall 2017 release and will also be launching on the New 3DS at the same time. The game was also confirmed to be in the hands of the same team behind Hyrule Warriors. Finally, a mobile game by the name of Fire Emblem Heroes was announced that will focus on strategic gameplay and includes characters from all across the series. Heroes will be available on Google Play store February 2, with no date slated for iOS but will be available in the future for Apple products.

So, four  Fire Emblem games were in the spotlight today. Android users will be able to play Heroes next month, followed by Echoes’ release in May, Warriors will hit during Fall, and finally next year we’ll be treated to a full mainline game on the Switch. There is a lot of excitement in the Fire Emblem community, and rightfully so. Nintendo showed off some great material and have created even more excitement for the Switch console.

Super Mario 3D Maker Now Avalible for 3DS!

Super Mario Maker has finally launched for the Nintendo 3DS system. Mario Maker was an intensely successful Wii U game that allows players to design their own Mario course for others to play on. The original game even let players upload courses to Nintendo Network for other players to try across the world creating a bustling online community and an unlimited number courses to play through.

The game focuses on using touch controls to easily drag and place various items and obstacles from the Mario universe. A player can make everything from complex levels made with only the top players in mind to cute underwater levels that a beginner can easily navigate. For the lazier player, the game already comes preloaded with 100 built in courses for you to conquer. Earn medals by completing these courses and be the first one of your friends to earn a full set.

Additionally Super Mario Maker has built in Amiibo support. Just tap an Amiibo to the screen of your New 3DS or use the adapter for the normal 3DS to import your favorite characters. After importing you can then play with skins of these characters throughout the game.

Pick up Super Mario Maker today for just 39.99.

$99 USD New 3DS Deal Available For Black Friday

If you are new to the Poke-craze or just haven’t got a chance to upgrade to the newest 3ds now is your chance. Nintendo recently announced that they will be shipping out a special “New 3DS Model” made especially for the holidays this year. The model will cost you a mere $99 Usd similar to the price point of the durable 2 DS model from last years holiday season. It will come in two colors black and white with Mario artwork decorating the front portion of the system.

The 3Ds is new to the U.S. market where before we only had the Xl version available. This version will still have the higher processing power that the Xl does, but with a smaller size and screen overall. We do not yet know if anything additional will come with the 3DS or if it will be anything more than a Black Friday deal. The system is already listed in Gamestop’s black Friday ad.

The New 3DS will benefit Pokemon Sun and Moon players as the game will use more processing power than any previous title in the handheld series.  The new 3Ds will make load times shorter and animations run smoother with less hiccups than the basic model. The system will also be able to play the New 3Ds exclusive game Xenoblade chronicles 3D, as well as run the much loved Hyrule Warriors 3d at its maximum potential.

For more 3Ds Holiday news be sure to check ads for holiday sells for stores that carry gaming merchandise. As well as the official Nintendo website for more holiday related announcements!

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