Last Minute Shopping Guide

For those of us who are struggling to get our last few gifts under wraps it may seem quite hopeless to find the items we want. If you are needing a few more items to tide you through the holidays then this guide may just save the day. These items come from  Amazon who is guaranteed to ship fast especially when working with Prime members.

Pokemon Adventures Box Sets: Pokemon Adventures is a manga adaptation of the story of the Pokemon world. It doesn’t include Ash Ketchum, but instead, begins with the famous Red and each box set includes the full story from each generation of the Pokemon games. It is also a continuous story through each set so there is a lot of content for future gifts as well!

Pikachu 3DS Protector: For any owner of a 3DS XL this protector case will be a great gift to stylize and protect their 3DS. The case is a golden outline of Pikachu so the original color of the 3DS will still shine through, so it’s a great pick for those who chose a special edition 3DS that may have an image they still want to shine through their case!

Pokemon 3DS Travel Case: Aside from a 3DS protector, any 3DS owner with a lot of Pokemon games can always get great use of a travel case. It comes with red and blue cartridge cases, a stylus, screen protectors, screen cleaner, and the case itself which can hold a 3DS XL and several games as well!


So those are just a few ideas for a Pokemon or Nintendo fan in your life. If you’re interested in something similar but not quite Pokemon themed, there are lots of great accessories for the 3DS as well as a lot of great new models and games available. Hopefully this list helps you find exactly what you’re looking for to finish off that gift checklist this year. Happy Holidays!


Pokemon Charity Stream

The holidays are both a time of excitement and stress for most people. This year, however, it seems that some rather successful streamers have decided to pick up the Pokemon series on their twitch channel for their 3-day long charity fundraiser.  The stream is fun to watch, and the channel in question is known for being interactive with their chat.

The streamers are known as “The Speed Gamers” and are playing through all the Pokemon games they can fit into a session. So far, we have seen them go through many different regions including Kanto for the program.  They also have multiple games going on the stream at once and donation goals affect the games progress by causing the streamers to nuzlock or do a completion run.

The charity in question is called Buildon and helps create after school programs for kids across the nation. The stream is broadcast in English and so far collected over $3,000 USD. They are hoping to gain around $10,000 USD by the end and have pledged to extend their stream for 24 hours if the goal is hit.

So, if you’re looking for something to idly watch for the next few days this Pokethon may fit perfectly for you.

Click here to check it out!