Pokemon Snap Launches On Wii U

Fans of the classic game Pokemon Snap are celebrating this week as a virtual console launch has finally come forth. Yesterday the game formally launched on the e-shop and can now be played using your Wii U home console. The current price of the game runs at $9.99 USD which is far less than its initial release. Of course, you will occasionally see it drop during sales if you are looking for the best bargain on the E-shop.

Pokemon Snap was originally for the Nintendo 64 home console. The game’s objective was to run through a pre-set path throughout several different environments and capture portraits of Pokemon. With each course came a new way to unlock the next one by interacting with the Pokemon in the environment.  Professor Oak would supply you with tools like the poke-flute to unlock additional courses and Pokemon in the game as you got more points for taking clear photos.

If your feeling rather nostalgic and still have your Nintendo 64 then head over to Amazon. The cartridge version of the game will run your around $15 USD right now. While this is a bit steep compared to the digital version you will have a physical copy that won’t take up room on your console.

Hopefully, we can see more releases like Snap on the E-shop; Pokemon Channel anyone?