Build Your Favorite Pokemon With These Neat Sets

If you’re anything like the rest of us you probably like putting things together.  Luckily for you we have found some Pokemon themed projects to do in your spare time. These kits are related to lego kits in a way, but derive from Japan and have slightly different pieces to put together. They are generally based off of characters and are built for display.

You can choose from:


M - 9136 Pokemon Pikachu Building Block


M - 9142 Pokemon Charmander Building Block


LOZ 110Pcs M - 9140 Pokemon Squirtle Building Block

There are many more to choose from on the site, but these fan favorites are a pretty awesome pick. The sets won’t run you much and cost around $3.00 USD a piece.



Charmander Coming to Build-A-Bear


Great news for trainers looking to please their kids or go on a fun date sometime soon. Build-A-Bear has announced that they will be adding Charmander to their line  of buildable cuddle buddies. You can get Charmander by visiting your closest store and paying for the plush or by ordering online.

If you go the online route there is a special bundle that includes a TCG card and Lucario costume set for Charmander. The set is available for sale through Build-A-Bears website and costs $61.00 USD. The plush houses a sound box. The Lucario hoodie will double as a Great Ball hoodie if flipped inside out.

Previously Build-A-Bear had partnered with Pokemon to bring in a Pikachu plush as well as an Eevee. These plushes can be dressed up in fitting clothes like most of the other plushes.

You can check out Charmander here.