$99 USD New 3DS Deal Available For Black Friday

If you are new to the Poke-craze or just haven’t got a chance to upgrade to the newest 3ds now is your chance. Nintendo recently announced that they will be shipping out a special “New 3DS Model” made especially for the holidays this year. The model will cost you a mere $99 Usd similar to the price point of the durable 2 DS model from last years holiday season. It will come in two colors black and white with Mario artwork decorating the front portion of the system.

The 3Ds is new to the U.S. market where before we only had the Xl version available. This version will still have the higher processing power that the Xl does, but with a smaller size and screen overall. We do not yet know if anything additional will come with the 3DS or if it will be anything more than a Black Friday deal. The system is already listed in Gamestop’s black Friday ad.

The New 3DS will benefit Pokemon Sun and Moon players as the game will use more processing power than any previous title in the handheld series.  The new 3Ds will make load times shorter and animations run smoother with less hiccups than the basic model. The system will also be able to play the New 3Ds exclusive game Xenoblade chronicles 3D, as well as run the much loved Hyrule Warriors 3d at its maximum potential.

For more 3Ds Holiday news be sure to check ads for holiday sells for stores that carry gaming merchandise. As well as the official Nintendo website for more holiday related announcements!

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