Politicians in Norway Playing Pokemon Go.

While in the US our politicians are gearing up for the fast-approaching date for the presidential election it seems that politicians in Norway are trying to fill up their pokedexes.  Sometimes things don’t have to be as strict as we make them out to be in the world.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg was recently photographed during a debate and the picture clearly shows Pokémon GO on her phone in front of her. After the debate, she told news networks she didn’t think the speaker on stage when the photo was taken would mind. Trine Skei Grande was the speaker, and she had also been caught playing Pokémon GO during a defense meeting in August. Both politicians laughed off the incident and Grande even tweeted that she was perfectly ok with Mrs. Solberg searching for Pokémon during her speech.

Norway’s politicians may all be coming together over Pokémon, Grande and Solberg even come from differing political parties but seem to be very friendly to each other over the issue. Hopefully, the Norwegian people aren’t bothered by this, and maybe this could be a sign that politicians around the world could be more civil and be more unified if they would just play a little more Pokémon. We’ll have to see if more politicians join in the fun and if any politics shift in response to it, maybe we’ll even get more global action on endangered species?