Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Next Week!

After a long 2 year wait the newest generation of Pokemon is finally here. On November 18th at midnight game  stores across the United States will be hosting midnight launch parties for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The new versions will have differing stories happening 12 hours apart from each other and are based in the tropical Alolan region that is made up of 5 Islands.

The games feature dozens of new Pokemon, as well as Alolan forms of gen 1 favorites; an all-new progression system with bosses being Totem Pokemon; and revamps to the classic core mechanics of the game making the Alola region different than any previous Pokemon experience to date. The game also features the addition of ridable Pokemon that can be used anywhere to get around the map easier.  You will also face new challenges in quests other than battling to progress the game.

On top of that Mega-evolution makes a return as well as the addition of Z-moves that can be activated by a separate physical watch you have to use in connection to your game. We have no word yet of any Amiibo usage, but it is a possibility you can’t mark out yet. The game will incorporate the Pokemon bank starting in January so you can transfer up your favorites from Pokemon Omega, Alpha, X, and Y.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was released in early October on the Nintendo 3Ds e-shop for free. By playing the demo you can unlock Ash Greninja as well as play through in-game events that will give you items to transfer into the full version of the game. The demo also introduced the Alolan form of Dugtrio to the world.

Be sure to preorder your copy today or write it down on your present list for the holidays. The games will retail at $39.99 USD and will work on the original 3Ds.