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Pokemon Go’s Unofficial Speed Limit

In a previous article, I faintly discussed about the ethics of the way most people play Pokémon Go. The article was then ended by posing a question regarding your thoughts on these technological and creative practices used to hatch eggs. For for those of you who favor those methods of hatching eggs, I have quite the news for you. The news address the “speed rule” since there is a lot of confusion and/or ignorance about it.

If you skim through the official Pokémon Go support page, you’ll see the section that pertains to hatching eggs.  In that section, Niantic doesn’t provide concrete information, if not any information, as to how fast you can go to hatch your eggs – which leaves you puzzled considering that “speed rule” is implemented in the game. So I took the liberty in doing some observational research and came up with an answer. The speed limit is 15-20 mph.

Now, I know you are thinking that it is not concrete at all and you are correct, but there are two significant reasons as to why it is not concrete. These are:

  1. There is no official statement on what exactly the speed limit is.
  2. Due to mechanical error, the calibration for how many mph you can go up to may differ from person to person. (The number was not consistent)

I hope this serves as a “morning sun” to that “rain dance”.

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