Pokemon Go has passed the $1 Billion Revenue Mark

Since the Pokemon Go’s launch in the summer, players have been buying lures, pokeballs, incense and other items in large numbers. Recently a report from Sensor Tower stated that the game has now grossed Niantic over $1 Billion in revenue. This is a huge milestone for any game and means that Niantic is definitely going to be able to keep working on the game for a long time.

Pokemon Go’s revenue has a lot to do with how the game’s progress goes moving forward. While the launch and early updates were hurt by bugs, as Niantic builds their resources they’ll be able to bring in more employees and push out updates more efficiently. While Niantic may not go on a hiring spree, more resources open up a lot of opportunities for the company to put more into Pokemon Go to make the game even better.

The big deal to take away from this is that Pokemon Go still has a large fan base that is paying for content providing a reminder to both players and Niantic that the game is still wanted. While the initial hype may have lost its media focus, a lot of people are still playing Go and more people keep picking it up.