Perfect Time to Get a Wii U

The Wii U’s production has officially come to a halt across the globe. as the Nintendo Switch moves towards its release date. This has stabilized the price of the Wii U and games to around $215 USD for lightly used consoles Of course if you wanted to go cheaper the basic edition of the Wii U is even cheaper.

So, why invest now other than the cheaper price you ask? Well, Nintendo games are known for becoming less than fun to find and being pricey. Right now you can just walk to your local Gamestop and pick up almost any Wii U title easily and for a fair price. On top of that most pre-owned copies are in pretty great condition and easy to find if you want to go a cheaper route with game buying.

On top of that, the library for the Wii U is pretty much complete with the next major launch being Breath of The Wild.  This is the perfect time to play through your Nintendo wishlist for a smaller price point. On top of that who secretly doesn’t like buying new consoles!?