New Secrets Found in Latest Pokemon Go Update

The latest update to Pokemon Go was not meant to change the current state of the game but instead added preliminary data for a lot of features.

Breeding and shinies received some basic coding in the game before the latest update, but this was expanded upon. There is evidence of an in-game news feed being added, meaning Niantic will be able to directly communicate with players. New moves were also added to the game, a total of thirty-eight. Finally, code for evolution items such as the stones and items like King’s Rock were added. Hopefully, the connection of items like King’s Rock to trading to induce evolution may indicate a plan to add trading to the game in the foreseeable future but there is still no evidence in the code for the feature.

A lot of features seem to be in the works currently. Hopefully, these will be implemented soon and  Niantic can continue to roll out new features and events to keep making Pokemon Go even better.