New Pokemon Possibly Coming To Go

A few days ago one of the latest updates for Pokemon Go came out with an extra surprise in the code for diggers to find.  Hidden inside the trove of code was the names of 100 Pokemon from the second generation of games. This is giving many hope that we are looking at a whole new reason to play the game.

The second generation of Pokemon is arguably known as one of the most popular generation that came out.  This will most ideally breath back life into the quieted Go fanbase if announced. Due to most people now having gathered the complete number of Pokemon and the increasingly colder weather, the user base has seen a good amount of decline for now.

If this generation is released during the colder months of the year, hopefully, we will be able to find Pokemon inside some heated shops. That being said even if we do have to make our way through some snow to find our poke friends I’m sure we will have a lot of other users trudging along with us.

Whar do you think, do you want the second generation to come out now or later?